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HydroPro and ElastoPro review (source: MBUK/Gallery 2)

Rond is a manufacturer of suspension forks.

The brand was founded by Dutchman Gerard Rond, a well known old motorcross professional, in the early 1990s.

Various variations existed:

- Elastomer

- HydroPro I, II and III

- Titanium

- Downhill (with triple crown)

- for 28"

- Rebel

In reviews Rond forks were often praised for great function and finish. Ronds used a lot machined parts. Labour intensive to make, but a joy for the eye.

Rond also issued a rear damper for full suspensions. For example the Juchem Custom FS came equipped with the unit.

Around mid 90s Rond started a cooperation with White Power (WP), an established suspension specialist that also supplied equipment to formula one teams.

Rond was sold to Magura of Germany in the late 90s. With the expertice Magura started an own line of suspension forks, initially known as Rond-Magura.

Among the pro riders who raced with Rond forks were successfull riders like Mike Kluge and Bart Brentjens.