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1986 Koga-Miyata RidgeRunner. The 1st year.
1988 Koga-Miyata RidgeRunner
Greg performing tricks on 1989 RidgeRunner
1990 Koga-Miyata RidgeRunner
Koga ad featuring '91 RidgeRunner.
1992 Koga-Miyata RidgeRunner

The RidgeRunner was a top end mountainbike offering by Koga-Miyata. Koga carried more top end offerings through the years, but the RidgeRunner was there from the beginning. In the years carried paralel with the SkyRunner, the RidgeRunner was the more rugged, all-mountain style offering, while with the SkyRunner the focus was more on space age materials and achieving a lower weight.

1986-1989: the steel RidgeRunner

Issued in 1986 as lugged steel MTB offerring in a line up of two models, the other model being the upper-midrange TerraRunner. The RidgeRunner used Miyata's own advanced Hardtlite FM-1 Spiral Spline tubing. Initially specced with XT 'Deer head' and in later years with New Deore XT and XTII.

Greg Herbold conquered the 1990 UCI downhill world title on a Miyata RidgeRunner, the US equivilent of the Koga-Miyata RidgeRunner. On European courses Greg raced the Koga issue.

RidgeRunner 1989.jpg

1989 Koga-Miyata RidgeRunner

1990-1992: the RidgeRunner E-stay

Full aluminium 7000 e-stay frame, welded construction. Multiple gussets to reinforce the construction.

In 1990 issued with 1" headtube and Tange Switchblades fork. Tab for Breezer Hiterite welded on. Modifications for the 1991 modelyear include 1-1/8" headtube, 135mm rear spacing and 73mm bracket shell. The fork it came with was now Koga's own BigChamp steel fork. The 92MY RidgeRunner got Koga's lightweight though bombproof FatMax Aluminum bonded box fork.

Brief component specs: Shimano XT, a lot Syncros and Araya RM-17's.

1993: the RidgeRunner Suspension

Full Suspension frame developed in cooperation with Yamaha. Carbolite carbon tubing in main triangle, cast aluminum lugs and Hardtlite steel rear triangle. The purchase of one set you back Fl 7.995,- in Holland. Equipped with Shimano XTR m900, Syncros cockpit and post and Mavic PSP 231 Ceramic rims.

The Miyata equivilent of Koga-Miyata's RidgeRunner Suspension: the Elevation 12,000.

The RidgeRunner Suspension was succeeded by the SkyExpension in 1994.

1993 Koga-Miyata RidgeRunner Suspension review in FIETS magazine