RIH (Amsterdam)

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The RIH shop on the Westerstraat 150 in Amsterdam.
Peter Post's RIH track (source: MediaMatic)
"RIH Amsterdam" badge on circa 1970 RIH road frame

Original RIH, based in Amsterdam, is a bicycle builder with a great reputation.

The shop was founded in 1921 by the Bustraan bothers. In the early 70s Mr. Van der Kaaij took over the shop and you can still meet him and order fine handbuild custom lugged frames with him on the Westerstraat 150 in the rustic Jordaan quarter in Amsterdam.

RIH frames were raced to Olympic and World titles, 63 in total. RIH supplied frames to for example Peter Post during his race career as well the Dutch National track team.

RIH in Amsterdam has not to be confused with Fongers-RIH from Groningen or Covee-RIH from Limburg. Through the 60s Fongers built lightweights in series under the the RIH name. Still desirable bikes. This cooperation ended when Batavus-Intercycle acquired Fongers in the early 70s. About the same time Covee acquired the rights of the RIH brand. Till today Covee-RIH markets their bikes under the RIH name and hence draws benefit from what they hadn't the inspiration for: a strong brand. Covee-RIHs count as decent mid-range generally and a connaisseur will easily tell them apart from their superior originals.