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Presto headbadge on Legrand built model Tour Speciaal.
Serier built Presto showing Serier's signature seatclamp.
Slesker built Presto: resemblance with Champion Mondial A-frame.

Presto is a manufacturer of roadbike frames.

Roadframes from Presto of Amsterdam are widely considered as one of Holland's finest. Presto frames were built by various builders of great reputation like Bertus Slesker, Peter Serier and Jan Legrand.

Legrand is also well known from his involvement in the later TI Raleigh team as builder/head mechanic. TI frames were built alongside Prestos in the little shop in the Haarlemmerstraat. Legrand also contributed to the teams that evolved from TI including the development of the early 90s Panasonic PR-6000 road frame.

Peter Serier had a background in fine mechanics. His frames are distinctive with clever detail solutions, e.g: slot under seat bolt with drillings at the ends for improved clamping, stay top caps with a ridge for better brazing surface, shift cables run simply slotted in the shell itself - a couple features with a typical Peter Serier Presto.

Locomotief's Bertus Slesker contributed to the Gazelle's Champion Mondial line up when Gazelle took over Locomotief. Locomotief had a lot know how in racing, for example through building bikes for the Dutch national teams that went to the Tour de France. Slesker's Prestos show resemblance with the Champion Mondials of the early days.

The Presto badge is inspired by the coat of arms of Amsterdam. The famous three crosses can also be found on the seatstay caps of many Prestos and sometimes even under the bottom bracket shell.