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Pedal list is a table with a list of clipless pedals and relevant factors, such as weight quotes per pair of pedals.

Manufacturer Model Name Model Number Weight Claimed /g Weight Actual /g Comments
Aerolites TiTanium Black 67
BBB Click and Go 318
Campagnolo Centaur 424
Crankbros Candy4 Ti 198
Crankbros Candy4 Ti 165
Crankbros Candy C 306
Crankbros Candy SL 304 Stainless steel axle
DMR V8 525
Exustar MTB E-PC96 221 cromo axle, alu body
Exustar MTB E-PC96 215 no reflectors
Exustar MTB E-PC96 199 no reflectors and mounts ground off
Exustar MTB E-PM25Ti 210 mag body, ti axle
Exustar MTB E-PM25Ti 215
Grafton 247 Late model, not speedtraps
Kona Flatties 599
Onza HO 350 cromo axles
Onza HO 353
Onza HO 281 ti axles
Onza HOX 389 cromo axles
Ritchey V3 MTB 386
Ritchey Logic Comp V4 MTB 348
Ritchey Mountain Logic WCS Titanium 315
Ritchey SPD 372 cromo spindles
SARS 204 As per wellgo WG1
Shimano Deore XT M747 402
Shimano Deore XT M747 440 Exus Ti Spindles
Shimano Deore XT M747 500
Shimano Deore XT M747 505
Shimano Deore XT M747 426 SRP alloy collar & ti axles
Shimano XTR M970 325 2008
Shimano XTR M970 326
Shimano XTR M970 325
Shimano XTR M970 289 with Action Tec ti axles
Shimano Deore MT60 499
Shimano M535 440
Shimano M540 351
Shimano Deore XT M770 352
Speedplay Frogs 250 Stainless axles
Suntour XC Pro XP11 465 SPD cromo axle
Suntour XC-Pro grease guard 300
Suntour XC-Pro grease guard 300
Suntour Superbe Pro 293 Road Quill
Time ATAC ti 374 Ti axle
Time ATAC Titan carbon 366 Ti axle
VP 196 255
Wellgo 381 Ritchey copies
Wellgo Titanium 94-B 315
WTB Stealth 266
Xpedo Mountainforce TiTi 211