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Founded 1900?
Headquarters Bristol, UK
Current website [1]
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Overbury's is a Bristol (UK) bike shop and bike manufacturer.

Builder Andy Powell, originally known for road bikes built under his own name. His mother, Enid, ran the shop. "Overbury's" brand on his frames from around May 1984. Notable models: Pioneer, Puma, Cross Fell, Lynx. All frames are steel, Cross Fell was fully lugged, others were lugless with lugged BB shell. Firstly 100% Reynolds, then with some Columbus later on.

Early frames have Bristol coat of arms transfer headbadge and Black/white serif name. Post 1987/8 used cut vinyl san-serif with 'Overbury's' name on headtube. Generally dropped off the radar as framebuilders by 1992 (?). Shop Closed October 2011.

Address: 138 Ashley Road, Bristol 6.

Overbury's headbadge.JPG

Overbury's FAQ's

These are questions often asked about Overbury's bikes

What Year is my:


Cross Fell