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Founded 1900?
Headquarters Bristol, UK
Current website [1]
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Overbury's is a Bristol (UK) bike shop and bike manufacturer. Builder Andy Powell, originally known for road bikes. His mother, Enid, ran the shop. "Overbury's" brand on mountainbikes from around 1985. Notable models: Pioneer, Puma, Cross Fell, Lynx. All frames are steel, Cross Fell was fully lugged,, others lugless with lugged BB shell. Firstly 100% Reynolds, then with some Columbus later on.

Early frames have Bristol coat of arms transfer headbadge and Black/white serif name. Post 1987/8 used die-cut vinyl san-serif with 'Overbury's' name on headtube. Generally dropped off the radar as framebuilders by 1992 (?). Shop Closed October 2011.

Address: 138 Ashley Road, Bristol 6.

Overbury's FAQ's

These are questions often asked about Overbury's bikes

What Year is my:


Cross Fell