Mavic Bottom Bracket Installation

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Mavic Bottom Bracket Installation
IMG 3800.JPG
Time 1 hour
Difficulty 7 / 10
Tools Mavic or Schlumpf bottom bracket chamfer tool.
Cutting compound.
Adjustable spanner.
Bottom bracket tools.
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This guide deals with the installation of a Mavic 610 Bottom Bracket for the road and Mavic 616 Bottom Bracket for off road. The first thing to do before installation is read the Mavic's own Mavic Bottom Bracket guide which is in the Mavic Archive.

Install the chamfer tool

IMG 3791.JPG

The Mavic literature indicates a 45 degree chamfer of between 2mm and 2.5mm is required for installation of the Mavic Bottom Bracket. Either the Mavic tools (ref 652 and 653) can be used or alternately the Schlumpf bottom bracket tool. First step is to install the tool into the frame as shown in the image.

Lubricate tool with cutting fluid

IMG 3794.JPG

Next step is to ensure the area to be cut / chamfered is well lubricated. We used WD40, it's probably better to use the correct stuff.

Cut the chamfer

IMG 3795.JPG

Next step is to cut the chamfer. Adjust spring tension (can be seen on the right) as necessary then rotate the tool using a spanner to cut the chamfer. Suggest you go at this steadily, don't make the tension too high on the spring. Remove tool and measure depth cut often, see next step.

Measure the chamfer depth

IMG 3796.JPG
IMG 3797.JPG

Remove the chamfer tool and measure depth. We used a depth gauge on a vernier caliper. Repeat this and the former step until a chamfer depth of 2-2.5mm is cut.

Cut chamfer on other side

IMG 3798.JPG

Repeat the steps above to cut a chamfer on the other side.

Finished chamfer cut

IMG 3799.JPG

This step shows a cut chamfer. It can be seen the depth of the chamfer is almost equivalent to the thickness of the bottom bracket shell.

Install bracket

IMG 3800.JPG

Final step is to install the bottom bracket. Install the drive side first which is labelled 'fixe' ensuring the plastic washer is installed against the chamfer first. Install the non drive next, also ensuring the plastic washer is in place.

Adjust and tighten bottom bracket

Using resulgar bottom bracket peg and hook tool the bottom bracket can be adjusted for chainline and finally tightened.