How to register for and use the forum

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If you are having issues registering and using the forum please use the following guide.

How to register

Follow this link, indicate your age for COPPA compliance, complete the form and click submit.

You should then receive an activation email. Click the link in this mail to activate your user ID.

Help, I can't figure out the activation code

Don't thank me, thank the spammers who make it necessary to have a more difficult code.

The codes are case sensitive.

If you are still unable to guess correctly then please send the following information and we will manually set your account up.

  • name
  • username
  • password
  • email address

Please send these details to via email or the contact form.

I've registered but not recieved my activation e-mail

OK, so you've registered for retrobike but have not recieved your activation e-mail.

  • First thing to do is check your spam mail folder, junk mail folder or trash.
  • Second thing to do is contact your email provider to ask why they've delted the mail from and ask if they can retrieve it.

Making the first post

Once your account is activated you can login here and make your first post by visiting the forum of your chosing and either starting a new thread or replying to an existing thread.

A good place to start is one of the introduce yourself threads.

If you want to jump straight into the classifieds then please take the time to read the rules and guidance - the key point is all items must have a price.

Certain actions and activities in the forum are limited by post count. Please see Limits on posting link, images, voting, PMs, signatures in the forum if you are having issues.