Zinn Z-753. (Ride pics added)


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When i built my Dave Lloyd i talked about a bike i had seen at the Malverns, and when it was launched.

I had been away for a couple of weeks when this went up for sale, and when i came back, i could neither afford it, need it, or justify it, the timing was abysmal.

But needless to say this very model is the bike that spurned a thousand questions i had... with ref too... tubing differences and frame design, in those early years.

Add to that.... the personnel significance of the bike to myself and both of my parents, the potential possibility of finally owing one 21 years later....well it weighed heavy on me, and in the end i gave in... :oops: :roll:

I juggled things around, and robbed peter to pay paul, i spoke to the seller and we agreed a price.

Sundays ride got cancelled, and i went and collected it.

Monday.....I stripped it.......!!!!!!!!

I degreased and soaped it, then i took it apart and cleaned it, stripped all the hubs bb and headset, regreased, polished the frame, cleaned and lubed everything, rebuilt it then serviced it.

I then suggested to my kids we rode to my parents house and for dinner

When i showed it to my parents they were amazed, and for the next two and a half hours, we all sat telling my kids the story of the malvern hills classic. and what went on and the significance of this bike, ( even my mum remembered it... ).

Great days then, and thanks to this site they still are today...., i couldnt afford it, and certainly didnt need it, and it really did play on my mind to justify it, but the enjoyment it has brought to the family just over the last few days............it has been worth every penny........ :cool: and the 21 year wait to get one.. :shock:

The Zinn Z-753, was the very first bike i saw for sale to use the new 753 all terrain tubeset. (prior to this... the only examples mere mortals like me could admire were the road tubed 753 mountain bikes made by Chas Roberts and labelled "peugeot" for David Baker and Tim Gould)

It came supplied with a full "Campagnolo" groupset, and full "European" spec list. (with exception of "isla rowntrees" choice of grip...The O.D.I attack)

This bike was a revelation when i saw it...!!! there were three on show at the malverns, one baby pink Z-centaur and a blue Z-centaur and one Silver/grey Z-753.

the main difference was the tubing, the Z-centaur had Reynolds 531 tubing and rack mounts, and the Z-753 with the new 753at tubeset and no rack mounts. They were all gorgeous.

Isla Rowntree had finished her race laps at the same time as me, and was happy to talk about the bikes as much as the builder.

As you can imagine i spent far too long gazing at the bikes, and i was impressed.

It was also the first "British" handbuilt bike i had seen at this time, to use a "reinforcing gusset" in the same way as "Bontrager". Overburys/roberts/lloyd/orange were choosing not too. And although the straight fork was becoming very popular, this had a curved fork, yet with less rake/curve to it. One set of bottle bosses, smooth running cable pulleys, and a custom made Reynolds 753 racebar, which was shorter than average, intended for narrow race sections and overtaking.

I always loved the way the silver grey colour complemented the colour of campagnolo, and how it some how looked like its only purpose, was as a fundamental racer, built with one goal to do a job, it looked classy yet no nonsense, perhaps this influence was all thanks to Isla Rowntree, who knows.

( sorry for the lengthy text as always, and the overload of pictures, but this for me is sumthing special... :oops: )


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that and orgy of good taste and sexy euro parts. I sooo wanted one fo those back in the day. proper nice!


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That is awesome...I remember seeing these @ the Malverns too - nice story...
Also recall a little earlier seeing 2 or so bikes on display at the Cyclex '91/'92 tradeshow...pretty sure they had a model running HOPE cable disc brakes, alongside this Campag / grey model. Beautiful frame, and as ridden by Mint Sauce too! :cool: