Yeti pro fro 1994 ? - Germany

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I can't understand how that website works.
How much is it? Are they offering postage outside of Germany?

Any German Retrobikers able to help me out?


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I am not german but i often use this classified Website, it's like Gumtree
This time, the seller wait the best offer.
concerning shipping outside Germany, you must contact the seller, if he want to ship outside and for the price (for me: to France) last time the seller asked me 60 euros (for the package and the shipping)


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ebay Kleinanzeigen is a classifieds site. VB in the price bracket means the seller is asking for offers. real negative here is that the package (in case the seller ships), can be a can of worms. ebay will not help and PayPal probably won't either. if unsure, always ask questions and ask for more pictures...or ask a native speaker to help.