Xtr V brakes pair for tandem


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Hi all, I’ve not been on here for an age but am trying to find a pair pair or XTR V brakes for a tandem I’m building. M960’s would be great but would take what I can get! Must be good ones... kids aboard this new build and clearly the brakes are important! Thanks a lot


Retro Wizard
Having played similar games on touring tandems, give Magura rim brakes a thought. The big advantage is that they have no losses or sponginess from that long run of cable to the back.
With HS22s, we managed to pull up a loaded touring tandem, with child trailer down a 25% hill in Devon, while torrential rain washed 10cm of water down the road.
V's didn't feel nearly as secure and always needed a LOT of lever pressure by comparison.


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Agree with the above suggestion.
Magura HS22/33 would be my choice.
Way more powerful over V's especially for the rear, and once fitted and set up correctly are almost zero maintenance.