Sold Xtr m952 front derailleur & Vetta saddle reduced


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Hi guys 😎. I'm forced to try and sell these bits to raise some funds. Here goes

1) xtr m952 front mech . Slight Mark on cage.34.9 top pull
£24 posted reduced to£20 £18

2) spinergy spox wheels. Lovely wheelset. Very slight damage to a spoke and only the plastic coating, but I've had them checked over by professional and it's purely cosmetic. Freehub in great condition too. Super light weight , carbon fibre hubs
£200 posted in UK Sold

3) magura rond o24u forks. Rim and disc mount. Stanchions in good condition.26". 1 1/8" . 205 mm steerer length
£75 posted sold

4) Vetta transverse AT saddle. Dated 95 underneath
£28 posted reduced to £25. Now£20. £18

5) green bolt upgrade kit
£20 posted sold
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Do you have any pics of the green stuff? I've got some bars and a seat clamp I could use on a build and your bolts might make them look less out of place.