Sold X-Lite Titanium Pro Mountain Bike


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Re: X-lite titanium pro

Message for 'BLACKCAT' ... received your private message but as a new user, it seems I do not have an option to reply to you ... hopefully you will see this & you can email me directly at ... if there is a way of me sending a reply can someone let me know. Thanks - Alan


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PRICE DROP ... NOW £850 Plus cost of post.
Hard to set aside the sentimental element but still looking for a genuine new owner.
Anyone out there 🙄


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These are great bikes. Mine didn't have the forks, which look awesome! If this was bigger I'd bite your hand off at that price. Good luck with the sale.


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Glad to say the X-Lite has a new owner ... *** SOLD ***
Thanks for all the positive comments folk & glad I didn't have to resort to a strip down & eBay !!