WTD: Tiny road bike for 6 year old (20" wheels)


Dirt Disciple

My 6 y.o. Daughter is already a mad-keen cyclist, taking part in a summer series at our local road racing circuit.

I'd love to be able to make her up a tiny race bike, but there's very little choice on the market when it comes to 20" wheeled road bikes as you can imagine!

I remember Peugeot used to do one many years ago (Le Tour 20") , as did Raleigh (Racer & Micron) but I'm having great difficulty tracking one down within a reasonable distance of my home.

If anyone has one of these (or similar) knocking about in the back of a shed somewhere, in any (restorable) condition I'd be very happy to take it off your hands, especially if I can pick it up from the West country or possibly arrange a courier collection if further afield.

Many thanks



Dirt Disciple
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