WTD - lugged touring frame with canti bosses, 58cm


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hey all, thought i'd go direct to the source than waiting for one to turn up on ebay

i'm after a touring frame for a sort of resto mod/yuppie fraudaxer fixed gear project to fill time over these grim winter months; make use of some parts i have kicking about, something like a crust lightning bolt SS


58cm square

canti bosses

ideally will take 700c, but not essential, if smaller it'll end up taken to a frame builders for "adjustment" so nothing too fancy aha!

130 spaced

needs to fit 35c no guards in the fork at least (clearance outside of this not an issue)

condition im not too fussy cosmetically, just not held together with rust

threaded or threadless, don't mind

maker/ tubing not fussed, it will likely end up at the frame builders/ powdercoater unless it has all the requirements needed

needs to be posted (comped ofc)

price? for something which fit all my requirements in good nic? 200, little more? for a frame you found in a shed but could work with some paint and £150 at a builder, £50?

in no rush, lovely forum btw!