World Masters Cycling Championships (with Vintage WC) in St. Johann, Austria, 18-22 August 2022


Dirt Disciple
After doing several Eroica Britannia's (latest one in 2019) I decided not to attend the 2022 version. Too much Maserati. ;)
I just booked a spot at the 54th edition of the 'Radweltpokal' in Austria. They do have a vintage ride on Saturday and a vintage time trial on Sunday. I'll be in the 61+ age group, hopefully not making a fool of myself. 😀

In case anyone is interested, here's the link:

Old Ned

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Lucky you, I've always fancied riding this after visiting it in the late '80's when we were holidaying in Austria. Well run and lots of international flavour. Enjoy!


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Retro Guru
So, going for the world championship then, eh? :)

Thanks for the heads-up. Looks like a fun event. Please, let us know how it went, so we can all go there next year. Enjoy!