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Hi all,

I’m having a comprehensive clearout of many of my favourite parts as I’ve finally persuaded myself that out of all the lovely retro bikes I’ve owned, I only “need” three of them.

They are all listed with a “max £3 selling fee” so not much scope for reductions in general but if you spot something you like, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

I’ll be adding more stuff over the next few days to the currently “empty” listings

Here is a link to the White Industries hubs so just click on “other items” or search for seller Heywood5544

Cheers, Matt


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Some absolute gems in there Matt.

Would be interested in the Bonty bars in some sort of offline type-of-deal. But also happy to just keep an eye on the auction too!

Good luck with it all. It's a madness just scrolling through what you have on offer!

The Ti-Lite!


Those forks!

Everything else!


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That is one serious trove of treasure 😲
Think I may have a dabble on the lottery Friday and get back to you:D:D


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Thanks for the positive comments guys. It is my best stuff (other than the 3 bikes I’m keeping) amassed over the past 5 years or so.

I’ve just added a fair few M900 bits, Chris King 2-Nut 1” headset, critical racing brakes, a really nice original Flite Ti and some Thumbies.

More Bontrager stuff soon including a really nice Racelite Frame and Bonty/CK wheels and a DogsBolx frame with rough paint.

Although I said no blanket discounts, people from here bought the Gravity Research brakes (minus XT cartridge pads) for £280 posted instead of £350 eBay starting price and the TNT cranks for £160 vs £175 so it’s worth getting in touch with your offers if you see anything you like. I’m quite open to the fact some of the prices are pretty high. It’s all nice stuff and I’m trying to take advantage of the wide sellers market eBay offers but I’d like to help people out in here like people have helped me.

I’ve had a couple of offers of £750 for the Ti Lite. I’m holding out for £800 if anyone is interested at that price. Bonty bundles available!


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Seems like a good (transparent) model for efficent selling🙂
Am contemplating the bonty forks for my own racelite having let a set f/s on here go earlier in the year…


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Thanks Tangent. Yep transparent efficiency was my aim doing it this way so glad it’s working!

The Ti Lite frame sold on eBay for £850 yesterday (with only £3 seller fees, hooray) but the composite fork is still looking for a new owner!


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Hi, I'm interested in your “Retro Titanium 1 ”Threaded MTB Fork Steerer”.

How much would you like to accomplish? Cost of shipping for Italy?
Thankssss Luca.