White Industries Headset... Hubs... Also: Cranks!


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The first of MANY wanted topics for a baby's first build...

I'm working on something I'm calling the California Special, and had ordered myself seemingly the last White Industries E34 in polished silver floating around online.

There was one on here a few months back that I slept on and regretted, but then I got lucky on Ebay. Or so I thought...

Because the US Postal Service intervened and now it's disappeared. Meaning I'm out $130 and still have my heart set on this damn headset, even though, of course, it's not even close to period correct.


Does anyone on here happen to have one they'd be willing to sell, or any leads on where I could try next?

I'd also love a set of WI cranks, if anyone is sitting on a reasonably-priced pair that just need some polish and love. (Would be interested in a full crankset too, if that's what you've got.)

Oh, and while we're on the subject of White Industries bits...

Don't be shy if you have a single or pair of the polished silver hubs you're looking to unload (ideally from 94/95-ish)! Like the cranks, I'd happily look at wheelset singles and sets, too.

I'm in the US, but have a UK address I can have stuff shipped to, to keep things simple for the seller.

Crossing my fingers on any of the above showing up...

See you in my next wanted/needed/hunting thread!


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I’ve got a spare set of 1994/5 WI hubs. Tracker front, 8 speed cassette rear.

I could’ve persuaded to sell or, ideally swap for something else as I’ve already got 1 pair.


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I've got absolutely nothing to swap unfortunately, seeing as how I'm building this bike from less than zero!

I'm talking having to buy tools and a work stand, never mind parts!

Re-popping the cherry after 27 years is already getting expensive!

Anyway, hit me up with a PM or an email with photos and a price if you're interested in letting go.

Thanks man!