Where to find the best Cycling Bargains


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There are quite a few web sites available now which provide listings of Cycling Bargains etc.

We have such a site at https://cycling-bargains.co.uk

The site consists of a search facility with over 400,000 products (continually updated) from the main Cycling Stores. We have a daily PriceDrop feature which lists the products that are dropping in price. DiscountCode pages which lists all the available codes that can be used to further reduce the listed prices. And finally a selection of handpicked deals.

We have also just released a dedicated Mobile Phone App, we are not aware of anyone else who provides this. To Install the App just search for Cycling Bargains in the Apple, Android or Amazon App Stores. Or take a look at the video first @

We would love it it you gave us a try, any feedback or suggestions are welcome, just send us a private message on here.

Cycling Bargains (Created by Cyclists for Cyclists)

Fatal Swan

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Nice resource (will try the app shortly). Some genuine bargains there, looking back at what was posted over the last few weeks. The price drop feature is nice though it could be made prominent on the site itself.

Fatal Swan

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https://cycling-bargains.co.uk is a really useful resource and I've picked up a few genuine bargains through it that I wouldn't otherwise have come across. The offers and the price drops are genuine and I like to have a look every now and again.

I have to say that I find https://cheap-cycling.co.uk far less useful by comparison as the offers are not particularly noteworthy and the vast majority of the links are to Amazon.

Bonzo Banana

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I've bookmarked it but does seem very limited as only a selection of bike shops are searched by the looks of it and more general shopping searchs work better. A quick general search which includes ebay, amazon and other major retailers who sell bicycle parts quickly found better prices on all I searched for. This being a retro bike forum looking for older bicycle parts pretty much has to include ebay and Amazon.

This will be better as it expands the number of retailers searched. Maybe it only limits searches to retailers where it can earn money but some shopping search engines include both paid and unpaid links to shopping sites these are much better. Also I must admit once I've found a bargain I will always launch the shop site via topcashback etc to get extra money myself. Often shopping search engines know this so have advertising on the search page itself as another source of revenue.


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Like cycle bargains thanks for sharing, less so the others out there. Hopefully in time these places will get better but for me the one I find most useful is http://www.bikebargains.co.uk/

Picked up a pile of Brev M saddles for £2.50 ea and Brev M flat pedals for £2 ea from there recently - ideal for fixing bikes up for our local cycle speedway kids club


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Hi All,

Thanks very much for your positive and constructive comments. We are adding new stores all the time and currently have feeds from 32 Merchants included in the Dealfinder, listed below for your reference. Other deals are occasionally added if they come to our attention.

This is a very competitive market, my first suggestion would always be to support your local bike shop. If thats not possible, practical or overly expensive would love for more people to use our site rather than big multi-national companies like Vouchercodes or Google etc.

We have a fairly new feature allowing you to create a "Price Alert" to notify you if the price of a selected item goes down.

>>> https://cycling-bargains.co.uk
>>> https://www.facebook.com/cyclebargains

DealFinder Searches the following Merchants.
1. Athleteshop: 13353 deals.
2. AW Cycles: 17881 deals.
3. Biketart: 30874 deals.
4. Blacks: 17967 deals.
5. Handpicked: 24 deals.
6. Chain Reaction Cycles: 58538 deals.
7. Cotswold Outdoor UK: 13798 deals.
8. Cycle Surgery: 3442 deals.
9. Cyclestore: 7393 deals.
10. Dare2b: 952 deals.
11. Discount Supplements: 1367 deals.
12. Evans Cycles: 34205 deals.
13. Go Outdoors: 2215 deals.
14. Halfords: 14072 deals.
15. Hargroves Cycles: 7398 deals.
16. Leisure Lakes Bikes: 12744 deals.
17. Merlin Cycles: 12946 deals.
18. Polaris Bikewear: 1181 deals.
19. ProBikeKit: 21319 deals.
20. Proviz: 124 deals.
21. Ribble Cycles: 7986 deals.
22. Rutland Cycling: 7458 deals.
23. Science in Sport: 121 deals.
24. ShopTo.Net: 1235 deals.
25. Slane Cycles: 4200 deals.
26. SportsDirect.com: 2172 deals.
27. Tredz Limited: 86407 deals.
28. Tweeks Cycles: 16189 deals.
29. Vanilla Bikes: 925 deals.
30. Vivomed Limited: 954 deals.
31. Westbrook Cycles: 30627 deals.
32. Wiggle Online Cycle Shop: 18028 deals.


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Both Cycling Bargains and Bike Bargains have been fantastic resources for me in the past... you always find something that you end up needing :)

Another site I recently came across is https://gearpursuit.com/deals/ a decent deals page that seems to be refreshed daily. A handy feature that I've found is their newsletter (the daily deals page sent via email) and also their price/stock notifications.
Worth taking a look too.

Good luck price hunters!


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Hi Chaps,
Just a quick update on our site Cycling Bargains https://cycling-bargains.co.uk

Site is still being updated daily with the daily PriceDrops list being very popular.

App installs continue to be popular with over 5,000 now installed.

Dealfinders natural search engine now searches through 560,000+ products.

Fairly recently we have added Amazon and Decathlon Deals to our pages.

You can now subscribe to notification on Desktop when deals are posted.

Thanks for support