Wheels & Rims - Mavic/217/517/Ceramic/DT/White Industries


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26” Retro rim brake wheels/rims extravaganza!

All for sale without tyres but I have plenty of tyres too if you need some.

Obviously wheels in boxes are quite big, and I’ve got to go and get the boxes, so UK post is £10 per order, ie one wheel is a tenner or 8 wheels bought together is still a tenner. Or collect from me in Worthing, Sussex for free :) Europe and rest of the world shipping is a fair bit more, depending on weight etc, but most of Europe will be around £20.

Plenty of pics in here, all pics are titled for your convenience: https://www.flickr.com/gp/77010567@N04/H98bz6

1. Mavic early 517 SUP CD Ceramic grey 36h rim, vgc, perfect to use for a matching stronger rear wheel build with the 32h wheel below - 36h rear & 32h front works great. £45

2. Mavic early 517 SUP CD Ceramic grey 32h on White Industries Tracker front hub, Sapim double butted spokes, all very very good, hub could use a quick polish with Peek or similar to rejuvenate the beautiful White Industries mirror shine. £95

3. DT Onyx 36h black front and rear wheelset, had very little use (will split hubset and rims if there are buyers for individual parts):

- Mavic 217 SUP CD Ceramic grey 36h on DT Onyx black rear hub (Durable steel freehub body), DT double butted black spokes, all excellent.

- Mavic XM317 Black 36h, vgc, excellent braking tracks, DT double butted black spokes, DT Onyx black front hub. I do have the 36h SUP CD Ceramic grey mentioned above to transfer on if you want a Grey Ceramic 36h front and rear/DT Onyx set - the rims have virtually the same ERD (within 1mm) so spoke lengths should be the same for a direct lace over using the trusty old taped together rim transfer method. Or if you don’t want the Ceramic rear rim I’m happy to remove it and discount accordingly as I have somebody wanting that rim if it becomes available.

Wheelset as pictured £160
Wheelset plus the extra 36h CD Ceramic rim as described above £195
Hardly used DT Onyx Hubset alone £120

4. Late Mavic X517 CD Ceramic, black, 32h, vgc on Tri-colour era Ultegra 600 front hub. DT double butted silver spokes, great minimalist/slimline looking front wheel. A very nice match to a skinny steel frame/rigid fork. £65

5. Pair of silver X517 32h rims on XT M737 Parallax rear, and Kona Javva the Hub front (very high quality hub made by DT Hugi I believe?). Rear rim has a couple of dings as pictured but otherwise all excellent. £125

6. Silver 217 32h on White Industries Tracker front, DT double butted silver spokes. Runs very well, hub bearings are great, rim has no decals and is a bit tatty with a few dints and stone chips as pictured but has excellent brake tracks with near zero wear and runs true. £65

7. Silver 217 36h on XT M737 front, Wheelsmith db spokes, very little use, very good condition. Would make a good stronger rear rim donor to match with the front silver 217/White Industries wheel above? £35

8. Silver X221 32h on XT M737 Parallax rear. DT silver spokes. Very little use, brake tracks excellent, some kinks to drive side spokes from a chain overshift, but has been fine in use and is true. £45

9. Nearly new Grey X517 CD 32h on XT M737 rear hub. Hub will come fully serviced with brand new uprated grade 10 bearings, new grease and a brand spanking new freehub! £80 or £65 with the new bearings and freehub supplied to do the service yourself

10. Rear PMP purple hub 32h, with PMP lockring and tool on Mavic X517 Ceramic, DT db spokes. Rim has some small cracks to some DS spoke hole areas due to over tensioning of DS spokes. Spoke tensions reduced and wheel seems ok, spins well and is true, but sold as spares/repairs!! £60 or £50 without the PMP lockring and tool.

Some possibly useful related info I’ve found online that might help with potential rim swaps:

517 ERD 540.5mm
217 ERD 539mm
XM317 ERD 539.5mm