Wanted Wanted: Your Kooka or Paul Levers!


Retro Guru
So, with the next build half in mind, and with the Avid Ultimates seemingly harder to find in silver than just about anything else I've ever looked for ever, and because anything else I can find that might work is just too damn expensive, and because I just really want to be able to ride this bike I've been building...

Does anyone out there have any Paul Love Levers (older, canti version) or Kooka's they might be willing to part with?

Silver or black please.

Reasonable to decent condition considered!

And, hey, have something else Mid-90s that looks nice/interesting/isn't Shimano, that would work okay with some Tri-Aligns? Just let me know and I'll gladly take a look too!


Retro Guru
I wasn't thinking of Tech Lite, mainly because ideally whatever I buy to do the job while I look for the Ultimates I'd like to move over to the next build when the time comes... which means ideally a set of Love Levers. But I've always liked the Kooka's too, so I'm not apposed to those as an option.

That said...

What are you after for the Tech Lites?