Wanted Wanted: XTR M950 Bottom Bracket - 68mm - MTB or Road (Apparently!)


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As per title. Need one just to get a bike with M950 throughout up-and-running and on the trail! It doesn't need to be in amazing shape, just functioning with a couple hundred miles left in it.

I'm not looking to spend a fortune (I already did that to get the bike), unfortunately for the seller. But if you have got one going spare, or know where I can find one, you would be helping massively in me finally slinging my leg over a unicorn...

Thanks all. Hit me up here or in the PM's with any leads! eBay auction links are of course also welcome.

Massive appreciated in advance.


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It's the BB-5500 that is the road version that could be used. It is only 68mm shell and the length of the axle is different.
Official XTR lengths are 112.5 and 116.
So see what you can get ;-)


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105, ultegra or Dura ace, though once you get to ultegra DA, you are in xtr pricing anyway so may as well look for an xtr one.

There's one on eBay which didn't sell recently and been relisted and looks ok for the £.

Another thing I've seen is having the m950 variant, which is rebuildable, converted to sealed bearings. Only seen someone on eBay offering this and you need a BB to convert. Not cheap but removes the need to find the needle and ball bearings to replace. Might look at doing it myself as the m950bb comes apart pretty easily, maybe some standard bearings will just slot in?

Good luck with your search.


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Hi, I have got a BB 6500.

And this would work with XTR M950, an is 68mm?

If so, how much are you after for it. I do need shipping to the US.

Hence trawling eBay!

But so far everything I'm seeing is way more than I want to spend for a very temporary need.