Wanted: KLEIN Adroit w/ Strata, 20" or 21"


Dirt Disciple
I am looking for a 20" or 21" Adroit with Strata and preferrably MC1 (but a 2" downtube MC2 would be welcome, too).

Condition is not first priority as I would even take a drilled set (not drilled is certainly preferred) - but frame and fork must otherwise be structurally sound.

I now have a small collection of Klein bikes starting with a 95 Pulse in pudged morning, a 1992 Attitude in Storck Team color, a 1993 Adept in moonrise and a 1993 Adept in teal. But as you have already noticed, I am missing the Adroit.

Maybe one of you guys has a set he is willing to part with.



Dirt Disciple
I know that winning a lottery may come close but some of those Adroits are still out there. I have seen them ...

For that reason, I am giving this search a gentle push.

It would make me a very happy man - getting this one Adoit one of these days ...