Wanted: Cheap, soft forks for my son's bike


Retro Guru
I'm after some forks to go on my son's mid 2000's Spesh Hardrock. The current ones are Suntour [shudder] and I can barely move them let alone him! He's only 10 and doesn't yet weigh anything, so I need something that can go super soft. Ideally air, but coil might be ok - my other son's got a set of Manitou Six Sport and after winding them off fully they work ok, so something similar would be good.

Cheapness also important because at that age, and for the type of riding he does, suspension is of questionable benefit anyway, and is a bit of waste of money. But, he wants his suspension to actually work so his bike can be just like mine and his brother's. I get it, that would annoy me too. Prioritising softness over quality seems odd, but that's the position I'm in!

1 1/8 x 160mm minimum steerer.

Ideally collection distance from Northampton but I'm happy to cover postage if you're further away.