Wanted Wanted: American Classic Front QR Skewer


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Updated again to say:

Seatpost sorted. Rear wheel skewer sorted. Seatpost QR probably sorted (awaiting delivery).

But still looking for a front skewer. Would prefer black, but seeing as how they're going on a black fork, and I don't mind a bit of mix and match, and as how the seat binder isn't going to be black either now, I'm down for the silver and black version too.



Ideally in better shape than either of those two!

Was it Potts or Cunningham who hated these?
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With an update to say I only want silver and black now, but I would gladly take a 26.8 instead, if that's all you have!


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Am currently bidding on an NOS rear MTB one on eBay. We'll see where it ends up tho!

Think I may have sourced a front too.

Just not sure what shape it's in yet, and thus how poorly it will match this rear if I win it!