Vintage Trek 2300 Pro, 56cm


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1990 Trek 2300 Pro, 56cm, in outstanding condition, meticulously cared for over the last 30 years.
Photos, etc. here: ... 4860060580

The bike is light, stiff, and fast, with a superb groupset to match its racing frame.

The frame itself is one of the first carbon fibre bikes on the market with three carbon fibre tubes (the charcoal gray) bonded to aluminum. Overall, the frame is in excellent condition, with some minor cosmetic blemishes as shown in the photos.

It has the original Shimano 600 Ultegra groupset. Quite simply, they don't make a groupset like the 600 Ultegra anymore. The drivetrain and shifting of this machine are second to none and still feels better than my other bike with the latest Dura Ace 9100. The groupset differs from the original with upgrades to an 8-speed hub, cassette, rear derailleur, and 600 Ultegra 6400 8-speed STI Shifters. For those who are interested, I have the original 600 Ultegra 7-speed rear hub, as well as the downtube shifting levers and original hoods and brake levers. The wheels are the original Matrix wheels manufactured by Trek with 600 Ultegra hubs. I also have an additional front wheel for anyone interested.

The chainset is the standard 53/39 with 172.5mm arms. The cassette on the bike currently is an 8-speed Shimano hyperglide 13-26, however, I will also include a 13-23 for those who want the original feel of this bike.