Vintage Bike Show in the US, in North Carolina

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Every year there are a number of bike shows/jumbles/swaps that take place throughout the world. Some like the Eroica in Italy target the active riders of vinstage bikes, others target those searching out the odd, eccentric and particular for purchase (to sell). There are a few that target potential buyers and admirers of hand-built boutique frames and others that are for trade insiders. Later this month in the city of High Point North Carolina in the US, there will be a cycling "festival" or sorts, with a show that combines a bit of everything for cycling afficionados.

There will be the US national criterium championship:

The race is full of flat and often off-camber corners through a very tight winding circuit. Here is a video of the course:

There is then a whole display that will be dedicated to "art bikes" and bicycle art
with a spotlight this year on five well-known frame-builders, namely: Nick Crumpton, Mark DiNucci, Dario Pegoretti, Dave Wages and Peter Weigle. In case you are not familiar with teh builders, you can read more about them here: ... l#crumpton

Beyond the "art" show there will also be a special area dedicated to vintage and retrobikes (pre-1990) ... tival.html, including an indoor jumble. This dedicated display area for vintage bikes is attracting many high quality bikes. A first list of some of the bikes that have been promised for display is:

Alex Singer, 1951 PBP, Owned by Treasurer of Fédération Française de Cyclo-tourisme 1949
Alex Singer, 650B 1974
Alex Singer, all chrome randonneur 1985
Alex Singer, 1970
Bianchi Cambio Corsa 1948?
Bianchi, Sport * 1950s
Brambilla no. 5961* 1950s?
Bruce Gordon*
BSA Streamlight* 1940s
Caminade Caminargent 1936?*
Charles Roberts, red
Cinelli Riviera, custom built for Mrs. Cinelli
Cinelli B with fenders* 1965*
Cinelli Breugelmann Superleggera SC Drillium 1976*
Cinelli Laser
Cinelli Laser
Cinelli SC 1962
Cinelli, *Model B 1956-1960
Cinelli, SC dusty rose 1976*
Colnago Freccia late 1960's
Colnago Panto TT *Show Bike* 1976(?)*
Colnago Pantografata 1973
Colnago Super custom 1977?
Colnago Super full chrome 1975
Colnago Super full chrome 1979
Confente Road
Confente track
Confente Track Bike (Mario's personal bike and subsequently owned and ridden by Jock Boyer)
Dale Brown road, red early 1980s
Dale Brown time trial* 1984
Dale Brown TT/road 1985
Dave Moulton *
DeRosa 35th Anniv*
DeRosa pista
DeRosa road 1960's
Dick Power track *1957*
Frejus, Model A* 1933
Galmozzi, yellow* *
Gitane TriColore 1980
Helyett Speciale 1958
Herse Demontible 1971
Herse Sportive 1975*
Hetchins 1950s
Hetchins 1960s
Hetchins Magnum Bonham 1961
Hetchins Pre-war
Hi E Cosmopolitan #8 1970s
Holdsworth "Cronometro Ultralite" Time Trial 1969*
Hurlow full chrome *1969*
Jack Taylor touring, brown
John Howard TT bike 1985*
JP Weigle featured in Playboy magazine* 1983
Kellogg track bike, #6 ** 1976*
Legnano 1958*
Legnano NOS 1981
Legnano sport NOS, via Argentina ?
Limongi 1974*
Limongi 1978*
Limongi Mixte* 1978*
Maasi Prestige
Masi *1974/75*
Masi (CA NOS) 1980s
Masi 3V #2 , prototype using Excel tubing 1982
Masi custom 1980s*
Masi Special* 1969
Masi U.S. Azzini *team bike 1949*
Milani (built by Dario Pegorett) 1970s
Dave Moulton Criterium 1980
Dave Moulton Special
Vito Ortelli
Peugeot PH-10 1952
Picchio late 1970s
Pinarello (the Pegoretti-built bike ridden by Battaglin to victory in the 1981 Giro) 1981
Pogliaghli track bike* 1976*
Raleigh Professional* 1974
Roland Della Santa
RRB (Ron Boi) 1970s
Schwinn Paramount /on which John Howard won the 1969 Pan Am games 1966*
Schwinn Paramount P12 1960
Schwinn Paramount P-13 1971
Schwinn Paramount Track P-14 1975
Schwinn Paramount, full chrome* 1968
Sieber track* 1937*
Silk Hope 1976
Silk Hope racing, champagne 1976
Silk Hope/McLean touring 1975
Somec, chromovelato, Super Pantograph 1982/3*
Teledyne Titan 1st gen DA 1970s
Tommasini Diamante *1980s
Witcomb USA w/bunny lugs (First time ever shown!) 1975
Wizard #16 * 1976*
Zunow Super 1985

Old Ned

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Montello":3fcmqpc4 said:
Sound great, are you going?

And if you are - DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!! :D

Some cracking bikes listed there - what are the asterisks for ?

Citoyen du monde

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Old Ned":hcuj2uoa said:
Montello":hcuj2uoa said:
Sound great, are you going?

And if you are - DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!! :D

Some cracking bikes listed there - what are the asterisks for ?

I will be there. I don't know what the asterisks stand for, I simply copied the list as I found it. I will bring my camera but you can be assured that others will do far greater justice to the bikes with their cameras :oops:

I have been asked to bring a few of my bikes (including a few of those listed) and to help Dario Pegoretti out with translations/interpretation where needed. If I can find room for more bikes, I might bring another half dozen that are not listed.

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