Very fusspot question M970 Pedals from new Q and model years


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Okay so in advance I know how pernickety this sounds and not really worth the thought but sadly my bike geekiness has come this low and wanted to ask these two questions for a while when the time was right and I had a moment to put this out there and see if anyone is as sad as me.

First question is regarding PD-M970 first ones with the XTR logo on them new from the shop/factory where did Shimano place the cleats that came in the little pack? Were they just placed in the box on top of the pedals or were they under the raised cardboard that the pedal axles slot into? I know the PD-M959' had them under the cardboard platform thingy but not sure about the M970's. I have them NOS with the box and wondering where they went so anyone remember opening a fresh pair up? :)

Also and lastly this can apply to any Shimano year m900/m950/m960/m970 but as model years are normally 5 years or so I like to look at the codes but is it just me but wouldn't a brand new M950 from 1995/96 be of more historical value than a m950 from the last year of production? Or maybe a better example would be the excellent SL-M952 shifters if you found them NOS they first came out in 1998 but were produced all the way out to 2005/06 so is there an extra appeal to buy the earliest years in production or is that getting into philately related detail like plate numbers etc and if we're lucky to get some NOS decent XTR it doesn't really matter at this point in time anyway? Thoughts and I know these parts are meant to be used not kept new in the box but can't help but like that time warp feeling until the time is right to mount them.

Cheers all and any help appreciated


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Pics regarding pedal cleat placement in the M970 box. Ta Mezz


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