Vernon Barker Cycles - a menace with a welder


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Never, ever use this company to repair a bike frame. They might be able to repair a puncture but they can't fix bike frames - despite what they claim.

My experience is a tale of woe that I will save for a build thread (if it ever happens) but these guys claim to be "one of the few companies in the UK who can repair Aluminium frames" and based on the job they did for me, I'd say that this is the classic Dunning-Kruger effect.

I just wish I'd read the customer reviews before I jumped in as they seem to have a reputation of being shite. I called a well known frame restoration company in the South West this morning for some advice and unprompted was asked "Was it Vernon Barker Cycles"? Apparently they'd used them to do some repairs and were very unhappy with the results as well.
I’ve seen some terrible welding done by these as in local ish.

Vernon sold the business a while back.
Why didnt you send it to Dan Chambers? I would be very surprised if you havent heard his name yet.

He already repaired a Manitou FS and a KLEIN MC1 for me. And Yetis for close friends. Dan is a legend and a good guy!
Hindsight is 50/50...
I think VB might have been good once as i have seen some nice frames with the name on. Unless he was just getting other frames spraed and decal'd. Have read nothing but bad reports on repairs.