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Re: Re:photo upload

Fifthgrace":3n3f26c0 said:
For anyone posting pics on Velobase I have found that Internet Explorer browser (I used IE V11) is best for adding pics using the guidelines I previously posted, but Chrome and Edge are better for adding the listing details. I think this relates to enabling the Flash based picture manager that the site uses. Velobase is not iPAD (Safari) friendly..

Thanks for that advice regarding photos. I have added components and frames; unfortunately I could not include images, thus making my entries near useless. I will try your method and see how it works out.

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More Velobase photo problems.
Now I can’t upload any photos at all. Neither from my PC or my iPhone.
I just get an error message “File upload was refused by server”
If anyone on here has any advise it would be appreciated. (I have of course email velobase admin but they’ve not answered an email in five years so I’m not holding much hope) 6B37AD5C-2A74-4A2F-B37C-6ED2E149334D.png