V-Brake brake pad replacement - retention pin


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I need to replace my brake pads but the retention pins on my br-M951's V-Brakes are pushed right down into the holder. I can't get any purchase with the pair of pliers I have here. Any tips on getting more purchase? Are you meant to push them up from underneath first? Believe it or not my first time replacing cartridge V-Brake type holder pads. Parktool's online direction video doesn't mention needing to punch them upwards first, just says pull up with a pair of pliers... but I can't do that without scratching the holder or getting any grip. Hope I'm making sense.

Just a picture I found online, the pins on mine are pushed right down into the holder.


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If you can't pull them out then try pushing from the other side. Try some electrical tape on the pad holder to try and avoid any scratches.
As for tools.... Whatever you have that will fit in there.... Just needs pushing out enough to get purchase with some pliers.


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If they protrude from underneath you can push the whole brake pad down on a hard surface to help force up the retention pin.

Otherwise, long nose pliers are best.


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Cheers much appreciated, extra cautious these days on the correct procedure as in the past regretted not double checking and I was scratching my head thinking how to get those pliers on a tiny contact area but if they simply push up I should be good to go.

The pads I'm replacing on the front actually have plenty of material left on the brake block but they're picking up shards of aluminium from the surface of the rim I believe which in turn makes a a terrible racket chill-sending screech under braking. Strange as brakes and rims have hardly been used since new but something has degraded over time & the rubber/ aluminium mix is not gelling well. I'm guessing the rubber m950/ m951 pads are just picking up anything and everything due the their age and need replacing even though they're hardly used. Hopefully a simple pad replacement will fix it.