Two Kona bikes from 1990s how much are they worth


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I have two Kona Bikes from the 1990s that we’ve owned from new the first a Kona Fire Mountain the second a Kona Kilauea. Both are in good condition and are almost 100% original parts. Both in generally good condition. Getting to that time when we may go electric so just wondered what they might be worth.


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Might want to post here

...add a few photos too. Screenshot will be fine if you are having trouble making them small enough to fit the upload requirements.

You've asked a very open / vague question that's difficult to answer without more supporting information.

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Hi. Prices depend a lot on condition, size, year, location, postage etc etc

To help a lot, especially with the first would be photos :)

As a rough guide, immaculate early examples in a popular size could fetch upto £100 for the FM and upto £400 for the Kila, though like i said that depends on a lot of variables.

Post some pictures up of the whole bikes and a few of some of the components and we will be able to make a more precise estimate.