Tubular tyres - all new never fitted, glued or taped

Moosey Moose

Retro Guru

Hi, could you tell me what are the lengths of the tubular tyres, I have deep section 58mm so will they fit or do I need valve extensions.


Retrobike Rider
lengths of the tubular tyres - think you mean the length of the valve - 30 mm, for deep section rims you will need extensions.

Moosey Moose

Retro Guru
Yes sorry the valves. What do you recommend tyre wise from what you have, need to be light. I have the corsa evo cx 21-28 & a crono evo cs 20-28 on the back. Would like a nice fast light matching pair of tyres.
Thanks for your help.


Devout Dirtbag
Hi, I'm a bit new to tubs - could you tell me which, if any, of the pairs you still have would be compatible with 700c rims (this maybe glaringly obvious but I'm a little lost)

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