Track bike wanted


Orange 🍊 Fan

I would like to have a potter round calshot/bournemouth/maybe elsewhere and wonder if anyone has a track bike they may want to part with. Nothing at all flash reqd but a proper track frame is a must.
I am not sure what size would be best but i am 6' with a 34" inside leg as a rough guide. Maybe a 56-57cm would do? . I am out of touch with road/track sizing.

A complete bike/some missing parts bike is of interest but it does have to be cheap if a project. It cant be that expensive as a complete bike either!

Like i say.... just wondering if there is something out there to ponder further.

Best regards



Dirt Disciple
I have a complete Charge Plug Griffin (size Large) and live in Portsmouth if that'd be of any use? Many thanks. Tom