Wanted Touring bike


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Hi All,
Am on the lookout for a touring bike./ hybrid touring bike.Shimano componentry. Reliability.
I'm 5ft 8. Whichever the relevant size is?
Do like steel, good quality Reynolds tubing. Will also consider aluminium though.
Xt snob. Do prefer higher spec of hard wear.
Most of my time will be spent on gravel and canal towpaths. Needs to be lighting.
I am based in the Red Rose County of Lancashire, prepared to travel to collect. Within 100 miles. Posted bike acceptable.
maximum price limit is £400 at a push.
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Dirt Disciple
I looked at the link but maybe I've become a bit of a snob in my old age.. I prefer steel for a tourer, maybe reynolds.. maybe a Brooks saddle..but then again less maintenance with aluminium.. so I considered it..
When I saw the words acera and tektro.I know the hidden costs for an upgrade.. ending up at xt spec..
Need higher spec. But thanks 😊 for the link.


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If you're looking for a touring bike then you need to add a bit more detail and be more specific to what it is that you're after.

Where you're based and if you need it posting.

You need to help the potential seller.