Todays road ride/flood investigation ride with Chris!


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Did a road ride today, as wanted to get the miles in (im now 95 miles away from hitting another 500 miles in two months, aimed to do 1000 this year, hit that taget at the end of october so decided to squeeze in more to make it 1500, and now im on 1405, so very pleased, but i digress...)
And Chris hasnt been very well so wanted an easy potter about, we opted for a road ride to fulfill this aim, and we headed out from Chris's through some local villages with the intent of having a nosey at the damage caused by thursday nights tidal surge, and ending up at the disused wwII airbase that was Breighton...

The aftermath of the flood, was truly shocking, hundreds of homes trashed by flood waters, with many having been stripped of all the soaked/damaged goods, washers and cookers, fridges, tv's carpets and sofa's all dumped outside being contaminated by flood and sewer waters, it was truly heartbreaking to see, and i opted not to take any pictures of this, as it plain didnt seem right...

I did however take pics of the flooded farmland, which all looks like rivers, or like its meant to be there, i can assure you though, it is not!

Those who attended the Howden road ride only a couple of weeks back, will no doubt recognise some of the pics, although possibly not, as it looks nothing like it did!

On with the pics...

Those who did our Howden road ride might recognise the farm/house/area in the next three pics as we rode past here on that ride, it looked nothing like this however..

Hmmm, whats that in the distance then, oh its some poor sods car, width ways across what should be the road, it is now just a massive lake!

We tried to pass this 'road' but ended up off course and Chris had no choice but to put his feet down, cue a wet footed and very grumbly Chris for the remainder of the ride...

Strava route/info here btw....

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The damage water does is unbelievable, salt water especially. We had a clean-up call out in whitby to attend on saturday, right on the harbour. Filling a bucket with water was a challenge in the kitchen, having no natural light in there(the lecky was off!!) Sand all round the taps, inside cupboards, you name it. seaweed can be a fertiliser but the salt is just a pest.

At least you got some time on the saddle and the pics will serve as a timeline for the village eventually getting back to normal. So, now you have to return and follow up the investigation ;)


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Pretty damn awful. Your heart just goes out to everyone affected.
We went down to Boston yesterday where we knew there had also been major problems. We had planned to go to Lincoln Christmas shopping but thought our money would be better spent in Boston.
The café we usually have breakfast in had been waist deep in water (they back on to the river) but are open again now. Boston Stump (the big church in the centre) had a huge amount of water go through it. Sadly, it's mainly small businesses and private homes that have suffered the most.
It was nice to see the local Asda basically cleared their shelves and their staff took food and other stuff out to people who had more or less lost everything.


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Aye was certainly a sobering sight to be riding through some of the villages and seeing peoples houses trimmed up with christmas decs, and all their destroyed carpets and possessions out in the road waiting to be binned, so close to christmas too!!

I like the sound of what the asda had done though, that really good of them to help out at such a time of loss!