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Today's ride wasn't a ride, but it's a route I've often ridden through the summer and I'm intending to ride it soon. Had some burgers and went to the east coast here to visit the castle ruin. Its a sort of island based ruin, connected to the mainland by a small stretch of stony path which sometimes is claimed by the tide. The structure that is left dates back to around 1313 and its a lovely area to watch the setting sun.

There is a lovely hilly bit of woodland next to it I often have ridden.20220417_201514.jpg20220417_202026.jpg20220417_202545.jpg20220417_202548.jpg20220417_202905.jpg20220417_205659.jpg


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Perhaps it was Covid, perhaps it was just a cold, but Thursday and Friday, through to Saturday were a bit of a snotty, tired struggle. I got out for some sea air on the A'ha, traversing tourists to at least get some miles in after work on Thursday. Round the back of Marazion looking to our second home:


After resting up a bit, and a thoroughly good walk on Sunday, yesterdays morning ride was a peach. Many tourists had left, the roads were quiet and the weather was spot on: blue skies, high cloud and sunshine, crisp 6, rising to 8 with a slight SSE wind. Down in Lamorna is was chilly as ever, but the climb out to Paul was brill, the lungs full of fresh air.





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Busy couple of days coming up so thankful for another beautiful morning ride. It's days like this where all my gripes about endless fog, rain or gales disappear into the ether. Cool 6 degrees a little warmer in the sun, light NE breeze, high cloud, the odd patch of blue sky.

Mousehole was quiet after the Easter weekend and it was far too early for any holiday makers to be out and about. Decided to take Chywoone Hill just for the hell of it out of Newlyn around the corner.