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An irresistible scene this morning. The swan was very obliging. A little further along the canal than yesterday.

My penultimate commute before a week of annual leave.

I'm in love with the RSP 550. The sticky forks have loosened up, and it's fast. Like a good sportsbike chassis, the harder you ride it the better it gets. Almost Honda-esque reassuring and stable.
11°c this morning- cool
20°c this afternoon- warm
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Autumn is on it's way but "summer" (wherever it was this year) is trying to do something. The temperature range this morning was noticeable; from chilly single digits to the mid teens in the sun. Mist and fog one minute, glorious sunshine the next.

New job and a week of travelling meant getting the miles in on two feet instead of two wheels but I rectified that this morning back at home.



Dyna-Tech Fan
And then today, I did this...

22 local miles.
Elevation change (total) 833 ft - (finally, Pat territory).
Top speed 37.7mph
And only one minor off...

Lots of beautiful rolling countryside. The big feature being the villages of Hooton Pagnell, Hickleton and Barnburgh.

The view from Hangman Stone Road across the fields towards Barnburgh.Screenshot_20210924-201538_Gallery.jpg
An old field track heading back towards Elmsall Road after an excursion through Hooton Pagnell Woods. Screenshot_20210924-201701_Gallery.jpg
The view across towards South Kirkby ( I think) from Watchley Lane, an old abandoned road now a pathway.Screenshot_20210924-201747_Gallery.jpg

At the summit of Brodsworth Community Woodland. Oh, the irony of it. A bit of landscaping and it's suddenly a local beauty spot.
Let's not pull any punches here: this is on top of an enormous slag heap, formerly part of Brodsworth Colliery, once the most productive coal mine in Britain.

A bit of local history .

St Wilfred's Church, Hickleton. One of four churches in a couple of miles radius, all of which have origins 1000 years old or more.Screenshot_20210924-201855_Gallery.jpg

Lovely morning. Light breeze. 16°c or so. Sunny. Perfect conditions.
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