Tioga Factory XC rims - any info?


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Anybody know anything about this rim? There's not much to go on. They are welded and are 28 hole. This is the xc version and there is also a wider dh version. They are sometimes called "factory xc".

One interesting feature is they have a tiny lip protruding out from the top edge of the rim. Although they are obviously meant for disc brakes, the wall thickness is thicker than a mavic x221.

The best info I can glean is from here:
https://picclick.fr/Tioga-Factory-Xc-Ri ... 23934.html

I want to run these with v brakes so I'm curious to know if they were originally for rim brakes and just fully anodised or specifically built as disc only rims.


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Had one of these on a USE SUB front wheel, all the info I could find was that it was disc only, from memory the rim had a red sticker stating as much (that I peeled off obviously :roll: )

I have a couple of these in the loft as I was going to build a matching rear wheel... but didn’t!


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