Ti canti/V brake bosses 1pr new


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Brand new titanium brake bosses, super light and lovely titanium. sizes:
fork side M10, 1.25mm pitch thread
Canti/V side: M6

These fit most forks/frames with M10 canti/V brake boss threads but I bought them earlier this week for my Salsa Cromoto forks and they are among the very few they don’t fit! apparently 99% of M10 threads in forks are 1.25mm pitch, Salsa and Surly are the only ones to use a 1.0mm pitch! So if you have these forks they are not for you! But any others should be fine.

£8 posted to UK
would also swap for a Marin/retro seatpost qr or USE 26.4 seatpost shim


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