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Devout Dirtbag

Hi folks, finally got round to registering after years of looking at many beautiful bikes here and picking up lots of useful bits of information from various threads.

I'm Gabe, 32 and London based. I've ridden bikes all my life but got a bit more seriously into road cycling about 4-5 years ago. My current bikes are a 2008 Cervelo Soloist Carbon which is the weekend ride, a beautiful late 90s lightweight Dedacciai tubed Atala, and now a new project frame, a Vitus 992.

Looking forward to sharing my builds, admiring more amazing bikes and getting involved with the community here. :)


Retro Newbie

Another new person with some old bike interest.

I hope to gleam some info about an old Raleigh Sirocco but I will look for the correct thread for that.



Dirt Disciple
Hi All,
I've recently returned to cycling after thirty years, re-joined my old club, I bought a new hybrid , with the intention of riding to the local shop and pottering about town and a few club runs.
From there, i couldn't resist an old Giant road bike which is more from my era, followed by two Raleigh's, one of which is being restored and the other is up for sale.


Retro Newbie

After sourcing Information in this and various other forums for years, I thought i could finally register to pose questions and share my knowledge.

I am 23 years old, live in Switzerland near the Jura mountains and started to ride / repair / restore an old Alan about three years ago. Since then, i have slowly started accumulating more bikes & tools. At this point I still possess my Alan and a Basso Cyclocross, which is still in progress.

Looking forward to sharing my builds, admire more amazing bikes and getting involved in the community here. :)


Retro Newbie

Hi, just thought I would hello.
I have just acquired a Raleigh Europa, I always wanted one when I was a kid... You know the rest.
It is now in the Garage with my British motorcycles.
The bike is in good fettle just needs a clean and new tyres. Will post pics when I can.


Dirt Disciple
RALEIGH EUROPA - hey good to hear you've acquired a Raleigh Europa and in good condition, I remember them well from the 1980's with their striking red/yellow/black combo. Why not tell us a bit more about the bike - history, year, frame size, component spec, etc? Would also be good if you posted up some pics.
Here's a time-warp pic of the bike from an old 1981 catalogue I've got lying about here. Cheers!


  • Raleigh Europa 1981.jpg
    Raleigh Europa 1981.jpg
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Retro Newbie

Hi Craigmount
Thanks for the welcome and the encouragement!Also for the catalogue page. Any idea how long Raleigh made the Europa for? My bike is very similar. I will find the frame number in the morning and post it up. I also need to resize some pictures for the site.


Dirt Disciple
I remember back in the glorious carefree 80's :D a couple of people I worked with had a Raleigh Arena and Raleigh Europa ... the Europa much more desirable!!
Sorry I don't know how long it was for sale ... possibly up to '82 or thereabouts. Try a google search for "Raleigh Catalogue" and see what comes up.
Cheers, Neil.


Dirt Disciple
Hello all, finally registered to the site after perusing many times.

Currently have a Raleigh Record Sprint (circa ‘86) which has been ridden in all but the first Eroica Britannia events and have just purchased a Peugeot 531 Pro (circa ‘91) which I’m planning on restoring.

N+1 is now 12 as there are a number of carbon road and mtb’s in the collection with a favourite being a new Chesini steel frame with Campagnolo Record group set and Shamal Mille wheels.

Cycling has been a dominant theme in my life over the years and I currently ride in Cheshire and the Peak District with a few trips abroad each year for good measure.

I look forward to picking your collective brains and am glad to be onboard.



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