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Hi there, my name is Mike and I hail from Plymouth in Devon.

Carlton Cycles have been my main cycling passion since a kid, I currently have 8 and intend to share them with you good people over the coming weeks, months.....

Hope there are a few others like me keeping the Carlton name alive!


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Hello, i'm new to this forum and feeling at home as I have found the right forum to share my thoughts. I hope we shall have the opportunity to create an informative forum.
I was just searching for a forum on search engines and bumped this wonderful one,I appreciate what you have done so far.


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Hi, I'm Jay.

I'm currently volunteering at a bike recycling centre here in Essex,
I have a Puch Clubman Circa 1970 and not looking too old, although it feels it's age,
A Raleigh Vitesse that looks like death but runs beautifully on full 105 gear and a
Raleigh something in Panasonic livery that will probably be converted to fixed soon as the running gear is rubbish.

Apart from that I have a 2008 Giant XTC 4.5 with a few improvements to make it survive my hectic riding style,
A single speed mountain style bike for shopping and pub trips, known as the bike of death.

My young lady rides a Snob Beach cruiser on the road and a Canondale M-500 with modern parts off the road. The Canon is a bit of a mishmash but I built it all from bare frame with a budget of nothing so I'm stunned it rides as well as it does. I had to repaint it in plain white as it was a bit of a wreck, shame to lose original features but it was found in a ditch so you can imagine the state it was in.



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Hi, I have recently "lost" my car due to MOT issues!!

i dusted off an old inherited mtb that was in my garage and have rediscovered my love of cyling that was long forgot, i have stripped parts of it and started to learn skills that I should have learnt at 14!!

i have since aquired a 1979 carlton cyclone from freecycle that has no wheels and needs a little love

it has weinmann 610 centre pull brakes and no front derailier, i've no idea how may gears the rear raliegh deraillier can handle!! need to get some wheels and take it up to to local bike shop!

i have stripped it down and need to clean the componants, even found spare centre pull cables on line!

found this forum whilst researching!!


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Claud Butler Fixie Retro Racer...

Hi There,
My name's Martin and new on this today and thought i'd share a bit about my latest project...

Got back into bikes when I came across my great uncle's old Claud Butler road bike, covered in Rat S**t in a barn on my parent's farm...

The first thing I noticed was the T.F. Blumfield flip-flop flanged rear hub laced to the period 26 x 1 1/4 Dunlop racing rims - the 'Fixie' project was born!

It was in a pretty sad state but after getting it home and starting to clean it down, I did the numbers - built May 1950! I thought for a moment that I should keep it original but nah.. turns out Uncle Jack rebuilt it in the late 60s early 70's anyway - adding some contemporary parts anyway and so I guess what I'm doing is the natural progression and phasing of all things relevant...

So off came the Blumels mudguards, simplex gears, huret gear levers, road bars, soft saddle etc etc and set to cleaning up the bits that would stay like the Milremo stem, SR Apex crankset, aforementioned wheels and Weinmann caliper brakes before the rebuild could start.

Luckily the bike came with a pair of original alloy drops so these went on for a kind of velo/fixed look with a pair of new Kenda amber wall tyres which would work pretty well with the black frame and cream head stock detailing so naturally went for tan grip tape and honey tan saddle for the real retro look!

Motion via the 52t SR 118mm chainwheel was retained but matched up to a BMX type 18t freewheel and 16t fixed sprocket and chrome chain for a bit of 'bling' - viola! The fixie was born... all I had to do was stop it now with the help of the refurbed Wienmann's but connected to a couple of Tektro cross bar levers which look the part...

So there we have it - usable bit of history with a retro/modern slant...



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MacRetro Rider

That looks great :cool:
Steels brilliant isnt it? several generations, bit of updating and its still going brilliantly.
Long live Claud :!:


aj log

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Retro Bike and Biker

Hi Folks,

New to the world of old bikes, but have just resurrected my old roadie.

I have put a post in the main forum for help on identifying the old girl.

I am based in the midlands but originally from south wales so as you can imagine spent most of my younger days cycling the hills around afan, in the days before it became the offroad mecca it seems to be today.

So decided to get back in the saddle, this time on the roads and at first with a single speed (old fashion victim).

Been lurking for a few weeks and hope to be able to contribute in the future.



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Newbie to RetroBIKE and saying Hi

Just introduced to RetroBIKE by a young 'un - I'm 56 going on 26 and am amazed at interest of you all in "real" bikes.

Nothing against plastic... even have a sneaking envy for modern bikes... move with the times and all that but, just, well, "Steel is Real" isn't it.

Started seriously cycling in the late 60's with a cast-off JRJ path-frame (any body remember these?) handed to me by the great Johnny Beaumont. Tarted it up and rode TT's. Used to ride a 60" for training back home in Yorkshire up hill and down dale. Eee' lad those were the days.

Finally got my dream bike in mid-90's a Fondriest and won Franck Schleck's Team CSC's 2008 Tour de France training bike in the Halfords/Sea France Le Tour '09 competition.

Is this enough of an intro'? Or, am I being just too indulgent and ego-centric? :)

Anyways folks: Love Bike. Love Life.