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Peter Carter

Dirt Disciple
Good Evening

My name is not Peter Carter , he is my avatar. He comes from a Powell and Pressburger Film, A matter of life and death.

I live in East London and ride rarely with Lea Valley CC, which is an old school club whose members have Hetchins in their attics or can't remember if they have a Bates in the attic or not

No steel in my fleet and I still use toe clips. Current projects are 90s British Eagle Touristique and a Claud Butler Majestic. The latter needs its seat tube melted out

I' ve also got an FW Evans/ Saracen conquest , but that's going to appear in the for sale one day. Its got a 28" top tube . And then there are the two Raleigh 20s....

There's also a Ken Bird time trial bike in the cellar and an Orbit America.

Anyway, looking forward to posting.


Retro Newbie
Hi I'm new here -The Aussie link

Hi I'm Roger, not sure if many aussies around here, which is ok cos I'm a Nottingham lad now living in Melbourne, Australia (not derbyshire)

My currrent ride is a Mongoose MTB Shimano SIS, nice enuff but a road bike is calling me and I want to re discover my youth. The one I didn't have with a Team Pro bike.

I've seen a few complete bikes on the bay and the prices may well be alright as am slowly getting the info I need. But TBH here shipping the complete unit downunder is prohibitive.

So I need a frame then build on that, am not going to be a stickler for accuracy re the components, as cost, age and reliablity will go against the originals am guessing. Have seen some rebuilds and they look really good and easily maintained.

The paintwork /decals are another thing entirely and its a recreation bike nothing flashy anymore! Ideally am after a 531c frame and will go from there.

Enjoy Summer, its winter downunder and The Ashes beckon the willing.

Roger, Melbourne Australia
<Thanks for the Registration help John!>


Retro Newbie
Hi All

I'm JK from Hampshire, long time mtber recently converted to the dark-side and loving it!



Retro Newbie
Hi Everyone

Hi All,

I'm Paul, from Pyrford, Surrey. I just got given a Leach Marathon, and decided I wanted to restore it as a project.. After a quick google I found out it's quite an old bike, and then I found this site.

Stay tuned to see how my project goes.



Retro Newbie
Hello all,

I'm Carl, mid-40s, and have been cycling on and off since mum and dad took the stabilisers off my chipper*

Have a magpie's habit of feathering my nest with shiny objects, much to the annoyance of the lady fo the house. I do however have one defence and it's that she pays out over a hundred a month for her horse, so what's sauce for the goose, etc.. ;)

Train on an old inherited Clements tourer, it's so heavy that when I transfer to my Spesh aluminium bike I feel like I'm flying! Then there's the Colnago Super for sunny days. Also have a hardtail Genesis in the garage for trails around Banbury. Projects include a Look and a Scanini, plus a build for daughter #2.

I look forward to contributing :D

*about six months


Dirt Disciple
hello everyone

My name's Stuart, 24, and I live in the south east of England. stumbled across this site after google-ing a road bike a friend had given me, i also ride mtbs, mainly downhill and dual slalom and BMX which ive recently just started.

will put up a thread on the readers rides page of the road bike :)

cheers stu


rBotM Winner

Just introducing myself, I generally have an interest in old british steel bikes. My collection of 'on the road' bikes include 1949 Claud Butler, 1952 Sun Wasp, 1959 Sun Cresta, 1972 Holdsworth Mistral, 1973 Allin, and a 1974 Carlton Corsa. I hope to contribute with my knowlegde of older bikes I've picked up along the way.


Retro Newbie
I'm not really into the retro bike scene (Get OUT!!!) So can't really explain a Concorde roadie (for sale soon on the for sale forum) a '98 Kona Hahanna in need of some love and attention and a newish Kona Paddywagon ss.

I found the site looking for somewhere to sell the Concorde. We'll see what happens....