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Retro Newbie
Howdy, I'm Den, currently living in Tavistock, West Devon.
Two bikes One a modified pure roadie, and the other a vintage steel mixte.
I'm 68, don't walk very well due to spinal issues, but can still ride as well as I ever did! Which is actually distinctly average, but getting better.
Thanks for letting me in!
Oh, and I play electric bass as well...


Old School Hero
Hello all , I'm Mat . I should have done this before {story of my life} . I'm an old fashioned lightweight with wobbly cranks , a stuck post and stem and need some bearings servicing .
I'm in South London and am trying to get one of everything built within 20 miles , it isn't going to happen but I'll die trying . I have Holdsworth , Allin , Roberts , Grubb at the moment and am after Higgins and Butler{s} . I used to be a Yorkshireman so I have a couple of Jacksons too . I have no reason for the Raleigh , Rourke or Dawes but don't feel I need one . I have Reynolds and Campag Record fixations .
I'm physically broken and I've been cycling the last 25 years in London traffic which is why I have too many bikes with flat bars .
It's nice to be here and meet you all .


Dirt Disciple
Just joined after visiting on and off over a few years. Fortunate to have just packed up working, so have much more time and a few projects to progress.....and many roads/tracks to ride in the North West (Peak District mainly)
Ridden for 30 years mainly road (TTs, the odd RR, triathlons, sportives etc).
Anything Campag, Italian, Titanium, only went carbon road frame 2 years ago (Look 695 and EPS)
Currently have 3 projects as such -
1990 Kona CinderCone that I've owned from new, complete rebuild and repaint with Campag MTB kit when I can find it all
2000 Colnago Oval Master Titanium - frame is away having its Geo paint fixed after the weld repair - rebuild with Record 10 in due course
1983 Nuovo Mexico Colnago - long way off being worked on

Recently built a Look 927 MTB and re-finished my 2003 Merlin Agilis, cleaned up the Titanium and replaced all the decals


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Retro Newbie
Been lurking for some time but ought to share my mint 653 Athena (original tubs and bar tape).
Had one of these when I was a junior and always regretted selling it so I’m quite chuffed I managed to get this in almost unridden condition. It goes in a stable with several pinarellos, a Raleigh Timet titanium and an 80s Falcon fixie.


Retro Newbie
Hey guys! Greetings from Germany! I've just recently have been getting into the retro bikes craze. This ones my first one. A colnago Superissimo which I've kind of put post-modern stuff on. Am hoping to start my next project which I'd love to be a master frame with modern components!



Retro Newbie
Hi my names will and I’m just getting back in to a bit of cycling and have got a vintage bike I’d like a bit help with and this place seems a good place to start


Retro Newbie
Hi guys, been lurking on here for a while but now I've just inherited a J F Wilson (happy as I'm also a Sheffield-er) and need help bringing it back to life! Thanks


Retro Newbie
I'm Dixon I'm 37 and I've just started my own business restoring and servicing vintage road bikes and selling parts and some apparel I designed.
I was a Designer from leaving school but I've always built and restored my own bikes from a young age so when I lost my job at the start of lockdown and struggled to find new work I joined Gateshead councils new enterprise program and spent the last six months setting up my workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne and my website.
Everything is up and running now and I'm trying to get involved with like-minded people outside of Newcastle and see what's going on.

Black Twenty-Two Bicycle Club

Old and Creaky

Retro Newbie
Hi, I’m Richard, 55 3/4, mediocre but enthusiastic racer in my teens. I still have my Motobecane Grand Record and my fixie, which I was told a few years back is Henry Green frame from c1950, and which I used to grass track race on.
Other steel includes my c1984 Dawes Galaxy, owned since 88 and my workhorse for many years, rebuilt about 4 years ago, a Colnago Master frame I bought and built up about 4 years ago and my wife’s 1991/2 Orbit Gold Medal, which was a custom build for someone who decided not buy it (so we did).


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Dirt Disciple
Hi, I'm Jim, 74 yrs old and cycling on and off since my teens. In my youth it was time trials and hill climbs, graduating to Audax and club runs. Now just Sunday leisure rides. My workhorse is a Mercian (Pro frame 2002, built up by me with Ultegra components). Also a 1980s Dan Shotton set up as a single speed winter bike. I've always built up my own bikes, and as a restoration project refurbed my 1980s Holdsworth Special - pic below -IMG_1481.JPG (currently for sale on this site as I'm unlikely to ride it and need the space)