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Retro Newbie
Hello, My name is Charles S. Clark. I live in Westernport, Md.USA. I'm 68. I was so glad to have found this site thru another bike site. They had taken over Vitus and didn't have any specs on vintage bikes. I bought in the 80's or so a custom fit VITUS 979 custom fitted all Dura-Ace group from a bike shop in Frederick ,Md. I was probably in my late 20's and this bike was like a ROCKET!!!! I loved this bike, BUT I've grown as you can see older. I do have at the present a Cannondale Synapse 3 carbon, compact crank Ultegra group, with Mavic rims. I've had to upgrade the gearing in the back to accommodate the MOUNTAINS in western Maryland. My Vitus 979 is CALLING ME to bring her somehow back to life. For bonded aluminum this bike rode like a DREAM!Oh, I probably only put a couple thousand miles on the bike. When I got a job with the USPS as a letter carrier and was walking 22 to 24,000 steps a day, the last thing on my mind at the end of the day was to ride my bike. Is there any way to upgrade the components on this bike? Thank you for all your advice and help. Cheers!


Orange 🍊 Fan
Hi, I'm Andra, living in Cardiff, Wales. I was thinking back on the bikes I've had through my life - always seemed to have one, starting with a Royce Union sturmey archer 3-speed on Cape Cod when I was 12 - rode that bike all over. A Carlton 10-speed (I think) tourer took me around Europe when I was 17, then a Raleigh 10-speed was my transport all over London and environs in the '80s. A couple of mountain bikes later, I'm on an Orange Clockwork set up for an upright town ride to haul my bones around with the least amount of rattle (bones) and puncture (tyres).


Old School Grand Master
name is dave. i live in the sunny black country. been cycling all my life. i am 58. i have a raleigh professional from 1983 and a poyner from around the same period

I might bump into you if you venture towards Staffordshire/Shropshire. I'm trying to get out more at the moment.


Retro Newbie
Hi folks, I’m Peter. owner of a 1972 PX-10. In Boston, MA. Cycled most of my life, previously owned a 1974 PX-10E and a 1979 Le Croco.


Retro Newbie

Good to meet you all. I'm a daily exercise cyclist from Suffolk who has been looking to buy a road bike for a while, my MTB has served me well through the winter.
But, I have just inherited a 1949 (I think) Hobbs of Barbican Blue Riband which is in good condition having been restored about 20 years ago and barely used since. Just toying with whether this would make me a good bike rather than buying something new.
Anyway, good to be here.

Johnny Ragwort

Dirt Disciple
name is dave. i live in the sunny black country. been cycling all my life. i am 58. i have a raleigh professional from 1983 and a poyner from around the same period
I remember Poyners! I lived on Mason Street, just round the corner, when I was a student at the Polytechnic in the early 1990s. I spent more time in Fred Williams's shop on Snow Hill, and have coincidentally just been given a 1980 Fred Williams road bike.

Johnny Ragwort

Dirt Disciple
I'm John and I ride mostly for transport on a 25 mile round commute to work in the Forest of Dean where I work as a brewer. But I do the occasional Audax-type ride too. I don't own a car and I mostly use a 1990s Dawes Audax Giro 600 to get around, but I also have a 1980 Fred Williams (in bits) and a 1991 Mike Mullett road bike in 753, as well as some more modern stuff and a 1985 Peugeot PGN10 which I have bought but not yet picked up.