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Philtalks":1keb4nky said:
I guess its around 1994 so pretty young in this company, and at 12 and a bit kilos its no lightweight. It has a frame number sticker on the downtube that reads H91543? - its a bit scuffed so the last digit is gone.

Hello Phil, I've just spotted this... how are you getting on with it?
BTW, the 1994 version was 7005 Aluminium... CB re-introduced 531 for the Criterium in 1996-97, the '96 was "Frost Purple" so an educated guess would be yours is from 1997.(still Retro) ;)

Looks like it's got all its original kit... :)


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Dirt Disciple

Hi everyone,
I'm Ethan, and unlike most of the people here I'm actually 17. I got into retro bikes after riding my Dad's carlton criterium which he used when he was at uni, and still has, it's very rusty, has a very stuck stem, and is 40 years old this year, but is all original apart from the rear wheel and freewheel. I was struck by the fact that it felt slow, and thus purchased a btwin triban 3 (great bike once you've replaced every component as I have!). After getting stronger and learning how to use the gears I then found my the old carlton a joy to ride and decided to purchase my own. I settled on a Carlton pro am 12 and thus have been sucked into the rabbit hole of retro bikes. The bike was a mess and the biggest issue was the seized stem which I ended up dissolving out with sodium hydroxide, I found the forum when searching for how to remove this. The bike is now back on the road and I have very nearly finished the project with the last thing being to swap the small chainring for a 34t and then respace the frame to 130mm and 100mm so I can use a modern wheels and redish the old wheels so they're not as flexible as spaghetti.
I have now also purchased a Giant cadex 980c and a raleigh mirage, so its fair to say I'm deep into the addiction.


Retro Newbie

Hi, I’m Mel,

I cycled a lot when I was at school in the 60’s/70’s, but hadn’t cycled since, until my brother-in-law brought me a scrap Raleigh Clubman that had been dumped. I fixed it up 10 years ago with a mix of vintage and new bits, but had a few strokes and decided to dig it out and sort it up again. However, I’m having issues with the chainset - should I post here or on the Road Bikes section?

Kind regards,


Dirt Disciple
Hi, been dabbling here for a while, mostly reading and not posting.
Now have a 1938 Pollard Specialite tandem - really tatty and a mismash of parts, but was built in Coventry, raced at the Butts stadium where I used to run when Godiva Harriers were based there, and then was sold to me by a guy living just down the road. Have a mid 90's Bill Nickson frame that is rusted through at the base of the seatpost, so realistically is scrap, but it came with 1st generation DuraAce, so is now stripped and hanging in the garage. Recently bought a 1963 Falcon that is under restoration at the moment - quite a nice bike but is almost certainly a project more than a bike to make money from... Also a Gundle butchers bike - this is restored and only ever ridden by me a couple of times as it's made from industrial girders. Needs a basket for the front. And a 1995 Colnago Master I bought when on holiday in Florence - from a little shop hidden round the back of the city that sells vintage road bikes (some lovely bikes in there!!). Absolutely immaculate and original, and used as a spare bike by the original owner. Now a summer bike for me.
Then a host of more modern road, MTB and CX bikes - it seems that the collection keeps slowly growing, but I do like projects!

Mr Tim

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Hi all!

Here to join people with the love for all things bike! I have Claud Butler, Peugeot and Carlton road bikes! And a couple of newer Mountain bikes!


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Hi all,
I have been riding bikes, building bikes and wheels for ages and decided it was time to join up. My N+1 amounts to 9 bikes currently, of which 2 are carbon fibre, one titanium, one alloy and 5 steel. Steel bikes include 2x Colnagos and an Eddy Merckx. And I have too many wheels so will offer some for sale soon, especially as I just have a P&K Lie wheel jig which means I can build still more. Good to join you all!


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Welcome aboard George, Nick, Mr Tim, Slarge, Ethan, Mel and other new members. Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and start getting stuck in. read a bit but please join in the banter and discussions and also head over to RBotM comp to see what's going on.
New members are a little restricted at first with regards posting ads, photos and some aspects of messaging but any problems just message a moderator or myself and we will see what we can sort.
Mods for a section can be seen listed under a topic heading, usually in green. Click on one and the details open.
Anyway post your builds, your stories and generally enjoy.



Retro Newbie

Hi all! I'm Silvestre from Portugal.
First time posting, long time reading and learning:)
After a two-year injury I'm back on the road.
Owner of 2 MTBs and a 60's retro no brand road bike.
Hope to learn and share.


Dirt Disciple
Hello I am Scott from Southern Ontario. I ride and collect rare Canadian Road Bikes.
I have so far a Lemongi a Le Croco and a Dekerf Prodigy. Still searching for a nice Mariposa and a Ryfranck. I also have a Holdsworth Pro Italia made at the Putney Shop in 1967. A fillet brazed SLX T.J. Quick from 1985. And last but not least a Galmozzi SC from 1969.