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Hi Paul
Welcome aboard, jump right in and join in the banter.
Hopefully you'll be getting a few rides in before you sell them :)
Once your ready and you know what you want for them, take a couple of photos and measurements then stick an ad in the for sale section.
If not sure of value there is a thread on the main road chat section where the 'what's it worth?' questions go.
You can also put a thread in readers rides section telling their and your dads story along with any photos etc. I'm sure many would be interested.



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Hi all, just joined up here by recommendation from an old colleague, I was a master wheelbuilder hand building thousands upon thousands of top end carbon wheels far beyond the brand's quality expectations for nearly 10 years before having to call it a day.

I now find myself with a pair of retros I'll need to give some love and after advice on the bike they are attached to. I'm not in any way clued up with this stuff and its simply helping my grandad clear his garage.

If anyone could date a British eagle falcon for me I'd very much appreciate it, I've been clearing my grandads garage for him and need to find this bike a good home but I've no clue about it, I guess I'll have to keep posting to be able to attach pictures for help :)


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Newbie Hello

Hello all,
I just posted this somewhere else on the site, as I couldn't find this area.
Typically, I have now!
Anyway, this is a little about me:
As a teenager in the 70's I joined the Wigmore Cycling Club, where a school mate already raced. Everyone else had hand built Youngs, Philbrook (PAG), Holdsworth etc. In Reynolds 531.
I had a Dawes Star Realmrider (still do have it) in gas pipe.
I regularly did club runs, and the Iwade 10 mile TT's. I enjoyed the participation, only ever got one win medal, a Harrietsham KCC 10 miler 1st on handicap.
Down to the fact I had just put on a set of 2nd hand sprints and tubs. And a Stronglight/TA Cotterless cranks and Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear mech. also 2nd hand.
It felt so much lighter and responsive, especially when it rained half way through and I could feel less rolling resistance - due to the fact that the tubs. we're grass track pimple tread and not road race type!
I stopped participating to do other things, but continued to cycle around Bristol whilst at Uni. and then to and from work if nearby, or the station if commuting.
I had a little good luck on a charity pools and bought a "new old stock" 1982 Raleigh Record Ace (Worksop built) in 531c from a Chatham Raleigh shop. At last, my 1st Reynolds 531 bike!
I've done some miles on this one.
Including 3 London to Brighton, British Heart Foundation sponsored charity rides. Had a massive crash coming down into Brighton one year, ending up in A/E via the St John's Ambulance.
Good thing that I was a registered rider.
Had 13 stitches across my chin and 3 inside it.
Now I'm retired I'm gathering parts and tools to commence building bikes as a hobby to ride, including wheel building.
I haven't mentioned my time working as a schoolboy in Halfords, mostly in the bike section, progressing to buying a BSA Bantam, Tiger Cub then Tiger 90. Doing all the maintenance I could.
After marriage, we bought a 1969 Reliant Scimitar GT Coupe 3 litre.
Still do work on that.
I also "ran" my son for 12 years in MSA/RAC kart racing mostly TKM 100 junior with 1 year in MSA Super 1, then 115 cc senior.
I was the oily rag. The only servicing I couldn't do was the rebores and big end change as it needs careful balancing. They run regularly at 16500 RPM, so balance is fairly important!
That's me, folks.
I have recently bought a late Holdsworth (Marlboro era?) in 531 to revive, and a few others in 531, of course. More info on these to follow - later.
Bye for now.


Retro Newbie
Western Colorado, US, Likes Vintage English Lightweights

Long time road cyclist living in 'one' of the birth places of Mountain Biking- Crested Butte, CO. A bit compulsive, I now own 5: 1950 Claud Butler AC, 1951 Carlton Massed Start, 1952 Paris Cycles TdF, 1949 Maclean, and the first one, a 1970 Witcomb. Some need little work, others need a lot of work. The rich history of the times (just after the war, rationing, etc.), the personalities of the frame builders, in addition to the beautiful lug work and so forth, drew me to them.
Coming from modern bikes (touring, racing, fat bikes), I had no idea as to the difficulties of finding components of the era. Carry on, and thank God for eBay!


Old School Hero
Just noticed your post concerning the Paris TDF. If you are not a member of the VCC I can thoroughly recommend joining. The marque enthusiast for Rensch/Paris cycles has not only written a book on the subject but will supply you with copious information about the machine (as he did for me - I have a 1949 TDF). If your interest is in classic lightweight racing bikes then you will never regret joining !


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Hi All
I hope you don't mind Antipodean's here? (at least that's what I got called back in the early nineties when I was living in the UK :) ) I'm a long time cyclist from douwnunder but have had a few years off the bike due to work and a young family and my new years resolution has been to get back into cycling and also try to reduce the number of bike related items/ projects in my shed that I have collected over the years.
Amongst the projects is a frame with Bill Nickson decals on it which I have worked out is a long way from home and I'm trying to gather some more information on it to see if it's worth building into something to keep. I'm also more interested in the retro side of cycling these days.


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MacRetro Rider

Welcome aboard mate
Antipodean influence is always welcome here ;)
It’s great you’ve got a few projects ready to go and a Bill Nickson to boot. I think there are a couple on here, just do a search in readers rides.
You should probably start a thread for it in readers rides along with any others :)
Jump right in and join in, they are a friendly bunch, even to this Aussie ;)


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MacRetro Rider

Welcome aboard Jimlad!
Some of your handiwork is documented here already :)
You have good taste in bikes I think.

( a fellow Electron owner)


Retro Newbie
Hi from the Isle of Wight

I have stumbled into retro road bike ownership after coming across Team Raleigh 1990 "banana" unexpectedly at a charity bike collection and rebuild centre. I am not a big cyclist but I just liked the look of it so decided to buy it to tidy it up and get it running nicely. I am used to full restos of motorcycles but realise my knowledge of cycles needs improving.....that's where you guys come in, I hope you will be able to answer my questions :)