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The Guv’nor
Retrobike Rider
If you're new here welcome to the forum :cool:

You can use this thread to introduce yourself. It's also good if you can let us know how you ended up here, see poll above.

If you're interested in MTBs or BMXs be sure to introduce yourself in these forums too :D


Dirt Disciple
Woo! First to reply on the intros thread. I'm from the edge of manchester/stockport, I go through waves of enthusiasm for cycling depending upon either the weather or the state of my knee, and I'm currently surfing a rising crest of optimism, which has seen me start browsing ebay, looking for a steel framed 80's racer that I can put in a few miles and relive me youth on. This time I'm doing it properly(ish), and I'm aiming for a minimum of a reynold 501 framed bike, ideally a 531, instead of the weighty old townsend I was saddled with as a 15 year old. My current ride is a claude butler urban 200 hybrid, which I'm sure is a very worthy workman like bike, but it leaves me a little cold for one reason or another. Hence the searching for old bikes, hence me stumbling across this site and hence me having a mooch and seeing that you look like an alright lot.


Dirt Disciple
hello, i'm jeffcapeshop and i have to post 5 times before i can include images, bah!

i have an average holdsworth fixed conversion, a nice but unknown 531 comp cyclocross, a new bianchi and a recently acquired flying scot i'd like to know more about!


Senior Retro Guru
Hello! I'm an ex-road racer / XC MTBer, getting back into riding after about 6 years off. Fortunately didn't quite sell off all my kit, so I'm rebuilding my Giant TCR and Cannondale F1000SL... and hoping to bring a CAAD3 Headshok frameset back from the dead and maybe renovate something extravagant and Italian for summer tarmac duties.

I'm also an aircraft Non-Destructive Testing Technician, so I can find out if things have faults, even if they can't be seen. ;)

Likes: Campagnolo Record, Shimano XTR, Fender guitars, functional design, Manchester, political satire, Corima wheels, Guided By Voices, the weather...

Dislikes: Modern bike shops, granny rings, full suspension, marketing bullsh1t, Cambridge, political reality, HED wheels, Nickelback, the weather...

Heroes: Sean Kelly, Mark E Smith, Bill Hicks

bruno gallagher

Retro Newbie
I made a brief introduction previously but having noticed this thread here's the formal version:

Hello, everyone, I'm Bruno, age 42 and a half, vital statistics 36 - 24 - 36....

My previous post had a photo of my Benotto mid way through a clean up, I'm post a couple of photos of the finished article in the Reader's Bikes section.


peter v

Old School Hero
hi i'm peter v from the netherlands, i live near the belgian border in the south and cycling is really big here :D

i ride a 1994 colnago master olympic on the road and a 1984 colnago mexico pista on the track, as wel as a 1980's vittorio (sounds italian, is 100% dutch)

btw i have a habit of buying all sorts of (vintage steel!!!) bikes i like, even if they're not my size :roll: that's why i started a web site together with a friend of mine. it's called and will be offering some bikes to the forum readers as well, as i have noticed that nice bikes are a lot harder to find in the UK than in the NL...


Retro Newbie
Hi there, just joined the forum and thought I'd introduce myself. I've just returned to cycling after 10 years or so and found this site via the TZ-UK watch forum - my other interests are watches and classic cars. Great to find that there is a community of folk all interested in building and enjoying classic bikes.

I'm currently using my old '92 Kona Kilauea to get out and about on, still building up distance and exploring all the cycle paths in Central Scotland.

I've been looking at getting a decent road bike through the bike to work scheme but would really prefer an old steel framed racer if I can find one that suits. In the late 70's, early 80's, I had an Ernie Clements racer which I always regretted selling; I'll therefore be keeping my eyes open for a classic British or Continental road bike. If you have something interesting around 53/53cm then please give me a shout.



Retro Newbie

Mike Owen, 46, no longer directly involved with the bike trade but I used to work at Freewheel in Sheffield in the 90's and then as a tech rep for SRAM for about a year (so if I fettled your bike at any NPS series MTB races I do apologise...). Recently 'forced' onto carbon but still the caring owner of an early 90s LeMond from TriTech and a Bianchi Columbus EL OS from Maestros (one of the last steel frames before they went big on alu?).
Riding more than I did when I was working in the bike trade and often found in the Ferry Cabin, Ferryside, Carmarthenshire.


Retro Guru

Hi, I've just registered here so hello!

I found this site through a member of the lfgss forum. I have a Raleigh SB track frame that I'm trying to find some history on, which I'll post in the forum.



Retro Newbie

Hi I'm Les.

Live in the SE of England although originally grew up in Gloucester. Have ridden off and on throughout my life. (Now 57)

My Retro Bike is a Geoff Butler which was originally one of the 'team bikes' bought it from the shop in Croydon second hand I think in 1971. It probably dates back to mid sixties as it has a Strada 151BCD chainset so that dates pre 67.

The bike has been well used in all weathers including commuting over the years and originally was virtually all Campag Record. Unfortunately as things wore out I could not afford to replace with Campag Record plus pre-ebay when things became obsolete it became impossible to get spares.

The bike has been languishing in the garage for the last few years and have used a modern Raleigh MTB to go out with family etc. Anyway got fed up with it doing nothing so decided to clean it up and see what I could find available to restore it. Trouble is having done just enough to use it I remember how much I enjoy riding it and how much easier/faster than the MTB it is on the road. So now torn do I ride or strip and restore. Only time will tell although after 40+ years the frame really could do with a repaint.

Anyway the bike was originally GB Frame as mentioned. Reynolds butted 531. Campag Record 151BCD 170 crank with 51 and 53 chainrings. (You really had to be moving to push the 53 especially as I think the block top was 14.) The front Mech is the early record with the cable stop. Back mech is Campag record. Frame has campag ends. Seatpost is Campag (bolt not QR) with Brooks saddle (now very worn but comfortable.) Fiami Stem with GB bars. Campag Bar end changers. Weinmann brake leavers. Original brakes were sidepulls possible GB or Weinmanns which I swapped for weinmann centre pulls and the wheels were campag record 32/32 with Weinmann wood lined sprint rims. Unfortunately now well gone.

As you can imagine the chrome work as well as the frame if very bad, there is a small amount of play in the Bottom bracket the 53 chain wheel is past redemption plus the limit adjusters on the front mech will not move. Oh and the original Campag peddles wore out a long time ago and were replaced by some alloy ones.

So I have cleaned and oiled things up a bit. Got hold of some new wheels Campag Tipo hubs with Mavic rims and a second hand 48 chainring. I moved the inner 51 to the outside giving me 48/51 The back is a 15/16/17/18/19 Regina block which is fine except for the fact that I do not have anything really low for long hills. Not a problem most of the time as I have always been a 'pusher' rather than a 'peddler' but still would be good to have something lower to fall back on especially given the age of my legs! I've also put a set of modern Shimano blocks in the front weinmann brake and finally replaced the 40 year old handle bar tape!

As I say really enjoy getting out on the bike and really struggling with what to do especially as I know that to do a proper restoration is going to cost more than I can properly afford.

Anyway seem to have written a novel. Great to come agross this site when I was looking for info and parts.