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Clearly loved and well used machine. Need to check for any cracks on seat lugs, Vitus would have been sporting grub screw, not seat binder like Alan, unless there is also a grub screw? Pending that ding (as alu not steel) and how well it will polish, I'd say £250-300 would probably sell it, and if you put some time and effort on it and perhaps split it maybe, just maybe tad bit more. Time consuming though. Not best example I'm afraid, the groupset will be easier to offload though. I also presume wheels are not DA and not same?


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Thanks for your reply.
I considered splitting if I find a buyer for the dura ace components.
Front wheel is a cheap replacement, rear I cant say for sure but looks stock.


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Hi everyone! I am able to grab this slightly rusted Falcon if I want but I am having a hard time identifying it due to the poor photos provided. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the drive side. Any idea if this is worth picking up as a restoration project?


Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 6.21.16 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 6.21.06 PM.pngScreen Shot 2022-04-03 at 6.20.41 PM.png


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Hello / I’m trying to see if my vintage Humber will be of interest to someone / I’m not exactly sure of age as it has Humber head badge but also Raleigh features - it’s a lovely example of a well ridden and nowt much changed I don’t think ride away bike with a great patina - all the wires are here but no bottom plug for battery cylinder. I put a front rack on but have shifted it back to another bike so it’s back to how it was in initial photo / it’s slightly too small for me but is lovely along the coast with a SA rear hub all working with a lovely tick ✔️ of the cog. I’m just keen to know what it’s worth as I hate ebay. I only have a small shed and now sadly running out of space and live in an upstairs flat so there’s no way Im carrying this one up the stairs every night haha Thanks 🙏


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I just acquired this from a friend who wants to sell it normally I’m not too stumped on pricing bikes the wheels are in great condition and are the original Rigida with carbon wrapped spokes and hubs perfectly true. its hardly been ridden since 2009. It’s a Giant TCR from 1997/98 totally original but has a round carbon not aero seat post all shimano 105 apart from a Sora front mech. Mechanically perfect and hardly any wear apart from some marks on the frame that I might be able to clean up haven’t given it a deep clean yet. I haven’t dropped the fork yet to check if it’s got an aluminium steerer (anyone know?) how much should I sell it for her? will aim to post for sale this week. It’s a size small and saddle set at 71.5cm im 5ft 8 so should fit a fair number of people I’ve ridden it a short distance quite quick


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Hi all, any chance you can help to gauge the value of the bike shown in the attached photos?

It belonged to a work colleague who recently died, and his family are trying to decide if it’s worth selling it or better to keep it as a memento of him. I don’t have a great deal of detail on the spec, other than it being a 56 cm frame with a Campag groupset. I’ve only seen the bike in the photos, but it looks like it needs a bit of TLC. It also has my colleague’s name inscribed on both sides of the top tube, which I guess won’t help the value. I've marked over the name in the photos.

The serial number is 051184, which from the research I’ve done suggests it’s not a genuine Walvale frame, as I believe these have a four digit serial number. Is that right?

If anyone could give even a rough estimate of its value, the family would be very grateful. Thank you.


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I'd hazard a guess that it is a genuine Walvale, as evidenced by the W on the fork crown and the Walvale engraved into the seat stay top.
Perhaps the '6 figure frame number' is the 4 figure frame number with the year added ie 84?
Looks a nice frame, with good dropouts and other quality features. maybe £350 - £450 would be a 'guestimate' Sometimes difficult to gauge the values for frames made by local 'non-famous name' eg Mercian or similar probably have known values. the sentimental value may be more of course.


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Thanks @fastpedaller, that's really helpful. Great to know it could be a genuine Walvale. I don't think they're desperate to sell, so they could hold out for the higher end of your estimate. Do you think having his name inscribed on the top tube will affect the value/number of interested buyers?


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Thanks for the tip @fastpedaller. I'm not sure if it's just a sticker or if the name is physically inscribed into the frame.

I think I'm going to suggest to the family that £300 is a reasonable value for the bike - does that sound about right? They can then decide if it's worth selling it or if they want to hold on to it for sentiment.